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AACC(217) 333-9300
Academic Programs and Services, University Office of(217) 333-3079
Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership(217) 333-8789
Access and Equity, Office for(217) 244-3264
Accountancy, Department of(217) 333-0857
Accounting and Financial Reporting, University(217) 333-4568
Accounting and Financial Services, University Office of(217) 333-4568
Accounting Research, Office of(217) 333-0857
ACDIS - Arms Control, Domestic and International Security Program(217) 333-7086
ACES Technology Services (College of ACES)2172440477
Action Learning(217) 244-1286
Action Research Illinois(217) 265-0202
ADM - Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss(217) 333-5115
Admissions, Registration, & Enrollment Services (Graduate College)2172444637
Advanced Digital Sciences Center(217) 265-5403
Advanced Study - CAS, Center for(217) 333-6729
Advertising, Department of(217) 333-1602
Advising and Academic Services, Center for(217) 333-4710
Aerospace Engineering, Department of(217) 333-2651
Affirmative Action - Student (Dean of Students, Office of)(217) 333-0050
African American Cultural Center, Bruce D. Nesbitt(217) 333-2092
African American Studies, Department of(217) 333-7781
African Studies, Center for(217) 265-5016
Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Department of(217) 333-3570
Agricultural and Consumer Economics, Department of(217) 333-1810
Agricultural Animal Care and Use Program(217) 333-2479
Agricultural Buildings, Operation and Maintenance(217) 333-0460
Agricultural Communications Program(217) 300-1045
Agricultural Leadership Education and Communication Program(217) 333-3165
Agricultural Property Services(217) 355-5521
Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, College of(217) 333-0460
Agriculture, US Department of (USDA) (campus)(217) 244-3526
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Center(217) 333-3115
Air Force Aerospace Studies, Department of(217) 333-1927
Air Force ROTC(217) 333-1927
AITS, Administrative Information Technology Services(217) 244-0102
Alcohol and Other Drugs Office(217) 333-7557
Allerton Park and Retreat Center(217) 333-3287
Altgeld Chimes(217) 333-7007
American Association of University Professors (AAUP), Urbana Chapter
American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES)(217) 244-3899
American Indian Studies Program(217) 265-9870
Animal Resources, Division of(217) 333-2564
Animal Sciences, Department of(217) 333-3131
Annuitants Association/State University (UIUC Chapter)
Anthropology, Department of(217) 244-9226
Applied Health Sciences, College of(217) 333-2131
Arboretum(217) 333-7579
ARC (Activities and Recreation Center)(217) 333-3806
Architecture, School of(217) 333-1330
Archives, University(217) 333-0798
ARI - Applied Research Institute(217) 300-3162
Art and Design, School of(217) 333-0855
Art History Program(217) 333-0855
Asian American Cultural Center(217) 333-9300
Asian American Studies, Department of(217) 244-9530
Astronomy, Department of(217) 244-3615
Atkins Tennis Center (Division of Intercollegiate Athletics)2172448562
ATLAS (Applied Technology for Learning in the Arts and Sciences)(217) 333-9776
Atmospheric Sciences, Department of(217) 333-2046
Audits, Office of University(217) 333-0900
Autism Program (Family Resiliency Center)(217) 244-1395
Auxiliary Health & Wellbeing Marketing(217)
Aviation Lease(217)
AVP Controller(217)


C.A.R.E. Pet Loss Helpline(217) 244-2273
Campus Communications Council (CCC)(217) 333-5010
Campus Honors Program(217) 244-0922
Campus Legal Counsel, Office of(217) 333-0560
Campus Mail(217) 265-6863
Campus Mail Distribution(217) 265-6863
Campus Recreation, Department of(217) 333-3806
Campus Research IT(217)
Campus Visits(217) 333-0824
Cancer Center at Illinois(217) 300-6100
Car Pool (Facilities & Services)(217) 333-3910
Career Center(217) 333-0820
Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology(217) 244-3034
Carle Illinois College of Medicine(217) 300-5700
CARLI (Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois)(217) 244-7593
Cashiers(217) 333-4870
CCSP (Computer Consultant Support Program)
Cell and Developmental Biology, Department of(217) 333-6118
Center for International Education and Research in Accounting(217) 333-4545
Center for Library Initiatives (Committee on Institutional Cooperation)(217) 333-8475
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST)217-244-1353
Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society312-575-7952
Center for Social & Behavioral Science
CHAMP (Collaborative for Cultural Heritage Management and Policy)(217) 333-0176
Chancellor, Office of the(217) 333-6290
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Department of(217) 333-3640
Chemical Sciences Career Services Office
Chemical Sciences, School of(217) 333-5070
Chemistry, Department of(217) 333-5071
Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine312.226.2588
Chief Information Officer, Office of the(217) 333-3303
Child Care Resource Service(217) 333-3252
Child Development Lab Preschool(217) 333-2550
Children and Family Research Center(217) 333-5837
Children's Books, Center for(217) 244-0324
Chimes, University(217) 333-7007
CIC Center for Library Initiatives(217) 265-0389
CIC Traveling Scholars(217) 333-8475
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of(217) 333-8038
Classics, Department of the(217) 333-1008
Clearinghouse on Early Education and Parenting (CEEP)(217) 333-1386
Cline Center for Advanced Social Research(217) 265-7846
Clinical Sciences(217) 904-7305
College Nursing at Urbana-Champaign(217) 333-2507
College of Nursing (Central Illinois Regional Program)(217) 333-2507
Colonel Wolfe School (Education, College of)(217) 333-4890
Commencement(217) 333-8834
Communication, Department of(217) 333-2683
Communications Research, Institute of(217) 333-1549
Community College Research and Leadership, Office of217-244-9390
Comparative and World Literature(217) 333-6157
Comparative Biosciences, Department of(217) 333-2506
Computational Modeling Lab(217) 333-7429
Computational Science and Engineering(217) 333-3247
Computer Science, Department of(217) 333-4428
Computer Store(217) 244-7938
Conference Center(217) 333-1300
Conference Services(217)
Continuing Engineering Education(217) 333-6634
Cooperative Extension Service, U of I(217) 333-5900
Coordinated Science Lab(217) 333-2510
Copy@CLASS(217) 244-6885
Copying (division of Printing Department)(217) 333-9350
Copyright Clearance (Printing Department)(217) 333-9350
Corporate Card Office(217) 244-9300
Corporate Relations Special Projects, Office of(217) 244-3606
Corporate Relations, Office of(217) 244-3606
Council of Academic Professionals (CAP)(217) 333-5455
Council on Teacher Education(217) 333-2804
Counseling Center(217) 333-3704
Course Packet Solutions (division of Printing Department)(217) 333-9350
Creative Services(217) 333-9200
Criticism and Interpretive Theory, Unit for(217) 333-2581
Crop Sciences, Department of(217) 333-3420
CSMR - Campus Stores and Receiving(217) 244-0139
Curriculum and Instruction, Department of(217) 244-8286


Early Childhood Research and Practice217-333-1386
Earth, Society and Environment, School of(217) 244-4064
East Asian and Pacific Studies, Center for(217) 333-7273
East Asian Exchange Programs (Institutional and Faculty International Collaboration)(217) 333-0715
East Asian Languages and Cultures, Department of(217) 244-4012
Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology, Program in217-333-2910
Economic and Business Research, Bureau of(217) 333-2331
Economic Development & Innovation, Vice President for(217) 265-5440
Economic Education, Center for (Economics, Department of) (217) 333-0120
Economics, Department of(217) 333-0120
Education Policy, Organization and Leadership(217) 333-0807
Education, College of(217) 333-0960
Educational Psychology, Department of(217) 333-2245
eLearning, Gies College of Business(217) 333-2652
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of(217) 333-2300
Emergency Dean (Dean of Students, Office of)(217) 333-0050
Emergency Management, Office of Campus(217) 333-1216
Employee Development and Learning(217) 333-8342
Energy and Sustainability Engineering(217) 333-7258
Engineering, Grainger College of(217) 333-2151
English, Department of(217) 333-2391
Enrollment Management Shared Services(217) 333-2033
Enrollment Management, Office of(217) 244-4626
Enterprise Risk Management(217) 244-7480
Enterprise Works(217) 333-8324
Entomology, Department of(217) 333-2910
Environmental Council(217) 333-4178
Environmental Engineering and Science(217) 333-6967
Ethics and Compliance Office, University(866) 758-2146
European Union Center(217) 265-7515
Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior, Department of(217) 333-7801
Executive Development Center(217) 244-3309
Executive Vice President and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Office of the(217) 333-3077


i-Buy(217) 333-3102
i-card Programs(217) 265-6464
i-Health(217) 333-2131
I-STEM Education Initiative(217) 333-9625
IDEALS (Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship)
Illini Center(312) 575-7800
Illini Media(217) 337-8300
Illini Union(217) 333-0691
Illini Union Bookstore(217) 333-2050
Illini Union Document Services(217) 333-9350
Illini Union Event Services(217) 333-4666
Illini Union Tech Zone(217) 244-7938
Illinois 4-H Foundation2173339295
Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange (Study Abroad)(217) 333-6322
Illinois Board of Examiners(815) 753-8900
Illinois Business Consulting(217) 244-1286
Illinois Business Consulting (IBC)(217) 300-8396
Illinois Campus (Alma Mater)(217) 333-1000
Illinois Center for Transportation217-893-0705, x225
Illinois Club, The(217) 356-2464
Illinois Connection800-355-2586
Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse217-333-1386
Illinois Early Learning Project217-333-1386
Illinois Global Institute(217) 244-1146
Illinois History and Lincoln Collections(217) 333-1777
Illinois Informatics Institute(217) 333-4930
Illinois International(217) 333-6104
Illinois Leadership Center(217) 333-0604
Illinois Natural History Survey(217) 333-6830
Illinois Online217-333-1462
Illinois Professional Science Master's(217) 265-5363
Illinois Promise(217) 333-4710
Illinois Radio Reader (Broadcasting, Division of)(217) 333-6503
Illinois Scholars Program(217)
Illinois Simulator Laboratory217-333-1527
Illinois State Archaeological Survey(217) 244-4244
Illinois State Geological Survey(217) 333-4747
Illinois State Water Survey(217) 333-2210
Illinois Student Government (ISG)(217) 265-0520
Illinois Summer Youth Music (Music, School of) (217) 333-1580
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center(217) 333-8940
Illinois Ventures(312) 996-9853
Imaging Technology Group(217) 244-0170
Inclusion and Intercultural Relations, Office of(217) 333-1300
Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, Department of(217) 333-2731
Informatics(217) 333-4930
Information Sciences, School of(217) 333-3280
Information Technologies Priorities Committee (ITPC)
Information Technology and Communication Services, College of ACES(217) 244-0477
Information Technology, CITL
Information Trust Institute (ITI)(217) 333-3546
Innovation in Teaching and Learning, Center for(217) 333-1462
Instructional Copying/Copyright Clearance (division of Printing Services)(217) 333-9350
Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory217-244-9270
Integrative Biology, School of(217) 333-3044
Intensive English Institute(217) 333-6598
Intercollegiate Athletics, Division of(217) 333-3630
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences(217) 244-0823
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences (i-Health)(217) 333-2131
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute (IHSI)(217) 244-8480
Internal Medicine(217) 333-5465
International Forum for US Studies(217) 244-4203
International Programs in Engineering (study abroad)(217) 244-0054
International Programs, ACES Office of217-244-2295
International Student and Scholar Services(217) 333-1303
IT Partners Gies Business(217) 265-6410


Japan House(217) 244-9934
Jewish Culture and Society, Program in(217) 333-7978
Journalism, Department of(217) 333-0709


Maize Genetics Cooperation/Stock Center(217) 333-6631
Manufacturing Engineering(217) 333-3432
Marching Illini
Materials Research Laboratory(217) 333-1370
Materials Science and Engineering, Department of(217) 333-1441
Mathematics, Department of(217) 333-3350
MBA, Executive Masters Program(217) 244-6550
MBA, Regular Masters Program(217) 244-6550
McKinley Health Center(217) 333-2700
Meat Science Lab (Animal Science, Department of)(217) 333-3131
Mechanical Science and Engineering, Department of(217) 333-1176
Media and Cinema Studies, Department of(217) 333-1549
Media, College of(217) 333-2350
Medical Biochemistry(217) 333-5465
Medical Cell and Structural Biology(217) 333-5465
Medical District Veterinary Clinic(217) 333-2760
Medical Information Science(217) 333-5465
Medical Microbiology(217) 333-5465
Medical Molecular and Integrative Physiology(217) 333-5465
Medicine at Urbana-Champaign Basic Sciences(217) 333-5465
Medicine at Urbana-Champaign Clinical Sciences(217) 244-2265
Medicine at Urbana-Champaign Obstetrics and Gynecology(217) 244-0598
Medicine at Urbana-Champaign Pediatrics(217) 265-0964
Medicine at Urbana-Champaign Psychiatry(217) 265-0964
Medieval Studies, Program in(217) 265-6254
Merchant Card Services
Metropolitan Food & Environmental Systems
Micro and Nanotechnology Lab(217) 333-3097
Microbiology, Department of(217) 333-1736
Mid-America Earthquake Center217-333-5103
Military Education Council(217) 333-7747
Military Science (Army ROTC), Department of(217) 244-1407
MillerComm (Center for Advanced Study)(217) 333-6729
Minority Student Affairs, Office of(217) 333-0054
Modern Greek Studies Program372-1997
Molecular and Cellular Biology, School of(217) 333-3166
Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Department of(217) 244-1736
Moms Association at the University of Illinois(217) 333-7063
Mortenson Center for International Library Programs(217) 333-0790
Motorcycle Rider Training Program(217) 244-4532
Music, School of(217) 333-2620


SafeRides(217) 265-7433
Safety and Compliance(217) 265-9828
Scholarly Commons2172441331
Scholars' Travel Fund(217) 333-0030
Sea Grant Program, Illinois-Indiana(217) 333-0240
Senate, Urbana-Champaign(217) 333-6805
SHIELD Deployment Unit(217)
SHIELD T3(217)
Siebel Center for Design(217) 244-9263
Sinfonia da Camera(217) 244-4350
Slavic Languages and Literatures, Department of(217) 244-1063
Slavic Review (LAS, College of)(217) 333-3621
Small Animal Clinic (Veterinary Teaching Hospital)(217) 333-5300
Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC)(217) 244-3865
Smart Healthy Community (Rokwire)(217)
Social Work, School of(217) 333-2261
Sociology, Department of(217) 333-1950
SORF (Illini Union)(217) 244-2418
Sousa Archives & Center for American Research(217) 244-9309
South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Center for(217) 265-5016
Spanish and Portuguese, Department of(217) 333-3390
Special Education, Department of(217) 333-0260
Special Events(217)
Specialized Care for Children, Division of(217) 333-6528
Speech and Hearing Science, Department of(217) 333-2230
Speech-Language Pathology Clinic217-333-2205
Sponsored Programs Administration(217) 333-2187
Sponsored Programs Administration Post-Award(217) 333-4880
Sports Camps & Clinics (Division of Intercollegiate Athletics)(217) 244-7278
Spurlock Museum(217) 333-2360
State Farm Center(217) 333-2923
State Universities Annuitants Association (UIUC Chapter)
State University Procurement(217) 333-2402
Statewide Programming, Office of (University outreach and public service)(217) 333-1460
Statistics, Department of(217) 333-2167
Strategic Initiatives and Specialized Programs(217)
Strategic Marketing and Branding(217) 244-6162
Student Affairs Technology(217) 244-1100
Student Conflict Resolution, Office for(217) 333-3680
Student Employment (Student Financial Aid, Office of)(217) 333-0100
Student Health Insurance(217) 333-0165
Student Legal Services2173339053
Student Organization, Registered(217) 244-2357
Student Success and Engagement(217) 333-0050
Student Trustee(217) 333-3825
Study of Reading, Center for(217) 333-4437
Suicide Prevention Team (24-hour service)(217) 244-7911
Surgery, Department of(217) 244-4196
Survey Research Laboratory(217) 333-4273
Sustainability, Energy, and Environment, Institute for(217) 333-4178
System Government Costing(217)


Zoonoses Research, Center for(217) 333-2760