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Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Address and Contact Information

260 Bevier Hall
905 S. Goodwin
M/C 182
Urbana, IL  61801-3882  (map)

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  • Food Science and Human Nutrition, Dept of: 244-4498
  • 260 Bevier Hall, 905 S Goodwin, U, MC-182
  • FAX: 265-0925
  • URL:
  • Acting Department Head: Nicki Engeseth, 260A Bevier, 244-4498
  • Asst Head, Business and Strategic Planning: Leslie Alexander, 260G Bevier, 333-2447
  • Associate Director of Advancement: Matthew Smith, 203 Mumford, 300-6113
  • Staff Clerk (HR): Sanna Frazier, 260F Bevier, 244-6102
  • Administrative Aide (Undergrad/Grad Support): Becca Snook, 260E1 Bevier, 244-5341
  • Accountant II: Janice Trudell, 258 Bevier, 265-0378
  • Office Support Specialist (Front Desk): Amanda Reifsteck, 260 Bevier, 244-9399
  • Bevier Café: 292 Bevier, 333-8469
  • Spice Box: 286 Bevier, 333-8469
  • Instructor: Jorden Brotherton, 293 Bevier, 300-7242
  • Associate Head: Yuan-Xiang Pan, 461 Bevier Hall, 333-3466
  • Dietetics: Justine Karduck, 345 Bevier, 244-2884
  • Food Science: 244-4498
  • Hospitality Management: Jill Craft, 295 Bevier, 333-8805
  • Human Nutrition: Manabu Nakamura, 463, Bevier, 333-1267
  • Associate Head: Nicki Engeseth, 208 Bevier, 244-6788
  • Director of Off-Campus Programs: Dawn Bohn, 349 Bevier, 333-0881
  • Karen Chapman-Novakofski, 343 Bevier, 244-2852
  • Food Processing Pilot Plant: Brian Jacobson, 165 AESB, MC-646, 300-5404
  • Irradiation Facility: Stoyan Toshkov, 106A Nuc Rad Lab, MC-234, 244-8280

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Name Title Email
Cadwallader, Keith R Professor of Food Chemistry
Chapman-Novakofski, Karen Marie Professor, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition
Adjunct Porfessor, Internal Medicine
Chen, Hong Associate Professor, FSHN
Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences
Demejia, Elvira Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Director Division of Nutritional Sciences
Donovan, Sharon M Professor and Melissa M. Noel Endowed Chair in Nutrition and Health
Member, Division of Nutritional Sciences
Engeseth, Nicki Professor of Food Chemistry
Feng, Hao Professor
AFFILIATE, IGB, Institute for Genomic Biology
Helferich, William G Professor
Holscher, Hannah Diane Associate Professor
Jin, Yong-Su Professor
AFFILIATE, IGB, Institute for Genomic Biology
Madak-Erdogan, Zeynep Sylvia D. Stroup Scholar of Nutrition and Cancer
Associate Dean of Graduate College
Miller, Michael Associate Professor
ASSOC PROF, Nutritional Sciences
Nakamura, Manabu T Associate Professor
ASSOC PROF, Nutritional Sciences
Nickols, Sharon M Professor
Department Head
Pan, Yuan-Xiang Professor of Molecular Nutrition, Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN)
Professor of Molecular Nutrition, Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS)
Pepino de Gruev, Marta Yanina Associate Professor
Schmidt, Shelly J Professor of Food Chemistry
PROF OF AGR ENG, Agricultural & Biological Engr
Stasiewicz, Matt Associate Professor
Takhar, Pawan Singh Professor

show listhide listEmeriti Faculty

Name Title Email
Artz, Bill Associate Professor
Blaschek, Hans-Peter M Professor Emeritus, FSHN
Professor, Institute for Genomic Biology
Erdman, John W AFFILIATE, PNI, Institute for Genomic Biology
Jeffery, Elizabeth H Professor Emerita
Professor Emerita, Pharmacology
Reber, Robert Joseph Associate Professor of Nutrition

show listhide listAdjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email
Abbas, Charles AFFILIATE, IGB, Institute for Genomic Biology
Allen, Robin Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Brown, Susan Mary Adjunct Instructor
Johnson, Guy Henry Adjunct Professor
Johnson, Rodney W Professor, Integrative Immunology and Behavior
Head, Department of Animal Sciences
Keck, Anna S ASST DIR, PNI
Kundrat, Susan Sports Nutritionist, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics
Academic Hourly, Division of Campus Recreation
Lien, Eric Adjunct Professor
McCaffrey, Jennifer ASST DEAN, FAM CNSMR SCI
Mejia, Luis A Adjunct Professor

show listhide listSpecialized Faculty

Name Title Email
Bohn, Dawn Teaching Assistant Professor, FSHN
Director of Off-Campus Programs
Craft, Jill North Clinical Associate Professor
Karduck, Justine Clinical Associate Professor
Madson, Jessica Aren Clinical Assistant Professor, Dietetic Internship Director
Siegel, Marcia Helena Research Assistant Professor