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Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

Address and Contact Information

W-503 Turner Hall
1102 S. Goodwin
M/C 047
Urbana, IL  61801-4730  (map)

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  • Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Department of: 333-2770
  • W-503 Turner Hall, 1102 S Goodwin, U, MC-047
  • FAX: 244-3219
  • EMAIL:
  • URL:
  • Head: Jeff Brawn, W-503 Turner, MC-047, 333-2770
  • Ofc admin: Lezli Cline, W-503 Turner, MC-047, 244-6254
  • Technology Analyst CCG: Chinedu Onyejekwe, M-103 Turner, MC-047, 244-6407
  • Asst Head, Bus & Fin: Kelly Sullan, W-503 Turner, MC-047, 244-1621
  • Front desk: Courtney Lynch, W-503 Turner Hall, MC-047, 333-2770
  • Business ofc: N-519 Turner, MC-047, 244-5549
  • HR: Cynthia McCullough, N-517 Turner, MC-047, 244-5549
  • Student srvs coord: Piper Hodson, N-511 Turner, MC-047, 244-5761
  • Student srvs office manager: Karen M. Claus, N-509 Turner, MC-047, 333-5824
  • Undergraduate Recruiter: Trent Shumway, N-511 Turner, MC-047, 300-4640
  • Academic Advising coord: Susan Helmink
  • Grad coord: James Miller, N-407 Turner, 244-3896
  • Teaching coord: Robert Schooley, W-401 Turner, 244-2729
  • Aquatic chemistry/ecology: Robert J.M. Hudson, S-212 Turner, MC-047, 333-7641
  • Ecohydrology: Kaiyu Guan, S-218 Turner, MC-047
  • Ecosystem mgt: Jennifer Fraterrigo, W-423 Turner, MC-047, 333-9428
  • Environmental Microbiology: Angela D. Kent, N-215 Turner, MC-047, 333-4216
  • Environmental psychology: Frances E. Kuo, 289 NSRC, MC-637, 244-0393
  • Fish ecology: Cory Suski, W-401C Turner, MC-047, 244-2237
  • Forest resource economics & mgt: Richard J. Brazee, W-523A Turner, MC-047, 333-6271
  • Human Dimensions: Daniel C. Miller, S-406 Turner, MC-047, 244-8293
  • Human Environment Research Lab (HERL): Frances E. Kuo, 289 NSRC, MC-637, 244-0393
  • Landscape and Ecosystem Ecology: Jennifer M. Fraterrigo, W-423 Turner Hall, MC-047, 333-9428
  • National Great Rivers Research & Edu Ctr: Assoc dir, William Kruidenier, N-409 Turner, MC-047, 244-2831
  • Restoration ecology: Jeff Matthews, S-516 Turner Hall, MC-047, 244-2168
  • Soil chemistry: Yuji Arai, N-215 Turner, MC-047, 244-3602
  • Richard L. Mulvaney, S-220 Turner, MC-047, 333-9467
  • Soil ecology: Michelle M. Wander, N-225 Turner, MC-047, 333-9471
  • Soil mgt & conservation: Michelle M. Wander, N-225 Turner, MC-047, 333-9471
  • Stream Ecology: Eric Larson, W-421 Turner, MC-047
  • Wildlife conservation and ecology: Robert L. Schooley, W401-B Turner, MC-047, 244-2729; James Miller, N-407 Turner, MC-047, 244-3896; Jeff Brawn, W-503 Turner, MC 047, 244- 5937
  • Aquatic Microbiology: Anthony Yannarell, S-522 Turner, MC-047, 333-2398
  • Dixon Springs Ag Center: (618) 695-2442
  • Southern Arboretum Woodlands 244-9589

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Name Title Email
Arai, Yuji Associate Professor
Brazee, Richard J Associate Professor
Fraterrigo, Jennifer M Professor
iSEE Associate Director for Campus Sustainability
Guan, Kaiyu Associate Professor
Hudson, Robert J M Associate Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Affiliate, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Johnson, McKenzie Frances Assistant Professor
Kent, Angela D Professor of Microbial Ecology
Director, Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
Kuo, Ming Associate Professor
ASSOC PROF, Psychology
Larson, Eric R Associate Professor
Matthews, Jeffrey Wayne Associate Professor
McSweeney, Kevin CLIN PROF, Natural Res & Env Sci
Miller, James Robert Associate Professor
Morgan, Eric Associate Professor
Mulvaney, Richard L Professor
PROF, Crop Sciences
O'Keefe, Joy Assistant Professor
Schooley, Robert Lee Professor
Suski, Cory Professor
Van Doren, Benjamin Mark Assistant Professor
Van Riper, Carena Associate Professor
Wander, Michelle M Professor of Soil Fertility
Ward, Michael Patrick Professor
Wardropper, Chloe Assistant Professor
Natural Resource Policy and Sustainable Landscapes
Yannarell, Tony Associate Professor, Microbial Ecology
Yu, Zhongjie Assistant Professor