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Department of Physics

Address and Contact Information

211 Loomis Lab
1110 W. Green
M/C 704
Urbana, IL  61801-2902  (map)

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Department of Physics
211 Loomis Laboratory, 1110 W Green, U, MC-704
ph: (217) 333-3761
fax: (217) 333-9819

  • Dept head:  Matthias Grosse Perdekamp, 209 Loomis, MC-704, (217) 333-6544
  • Admin aide: Marjorie Gamel, 211 Loomis, MC-704, (217) 333-3762
  • External affairs & special projects: Dir, Celia M. Elliott, 215 Loomis, MC-704, (217) 244-7725
  • Communications coordinator: Siv Schwink, 281B Loomis, MC-704, (217) 300-2201
  • Senior director of advancement: Heather Finneran Vazquez, 310 Engineering Hall, MC-704, (217) 333-2517
  • Assistant head for administration: Jennifer Jorstad, 205 Loomis, MC-704, (217) 333-2386
  • Business office: 203 Loomis, MC-704, (217) 333-0571
  • Associate head for grad programs: S. Lance Cooper, 227B Loomis, MC-704, (217) 333-2589
  • Graduate records & appointments: Nicolette Elam, 227 Loomis, MC-704, (217) 333-3645
  • Associate head for undergrad programs: Yann Chemla, 229 Loomis, MC-704, (217) 333-6501
  • Undergrad programs and student services: Kate Shunk, 231 Loomis, MC-704, (217) 244-6225
  • Undergrad advising: Merissa Milton, 290W Loomis, MC-704, (217) 244-9524
  • Helium liquefier: 171 Loomis, (217) 333-1918
  • Machine shop: 144 Materials Research Lab, (217) 333-1379

CPLC: 320 Loomis, (217) 244-0672

ICMT: 3137 ESB, (217) 244-4268

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Name Title Email
Abbamonte, Peter Professor
Adshead, Peter John Associate Professor
Aksimentiev, Aleksei Professor
Beck, Douglas H Professor
Bezryadin, Alexey Professor
Bradlyn, Barry Assistant Professor
Chemla, Yann Robert Professor
Clark, Bryan K Associate Professor
Cooper, S Lance Professor
Covey, Jacob Assistant Professor
Dahmen, Karin A Professor
DeMarco, Brian Leeds Professor
Draper, Patrick I Assistant Professor
Eckstein, James N Professor
El-Khadra, Aida X Professor
Faulkner, Thomas Associate Professor
Filippini, Jeffrey P Associate Professor
Fradkin, Eduardo H Professor
Gadway, Bryce Associate Professor
Gammie, Charles Professor
Giannetta, Russell W Professor
Golding, Ido Professor
Goldschmidt, Elizabeth Assistant Professor
Gollin, George Professor
Grosse Perdekamp, Matthias Professor
Holder, Gilbert Professor
Hooberman, Benjamin Associate Professor
Hughes, Taylor L Professor
Kahn, Yonatan Frederick Assistant Professor
Kim, Sangjin Assistant Professor
Kou, Angela Assistant Professor
Kuo, Eric Assistant Professor
Kwiat, Paul G Professor
Leigh, Robert G Professor
Leite Noronha, Jorge Jose Associate Professor
Liu, Chen-Yu Professor
Long, Josh Professor
Lorenz, Virginia Associate Professor
Madhavan, Vidya Professor
Mahmood, Fahad Assistant Professor
Mason, Nadya Professor
Mouschovias, Telemachos Ch Professor
Nayfeh, Munir H Professor
Neubauer, Mark Professor
Noronha-Hostler, Jaki Assistant Professor
Pfaff, Wolfgang Assistant Professor
Phillips, Philip W Professor
Selvin, Paul R Professor
Shapiro, Stuart Louis Research Professor
Shelton, Julia F Associate Professor
Sickles, Anne M Associate Professor
Song, Jun Professor
Stelzer, Timothy J Professor
Stone, Michael Professor
Vieira, Joaquin Daniel Professor
Vishveshwara, Smitha Professor
Wagner, Lucas Kyle Assistant Professor
Witek, Helvi Assistant Professor
Yunes, Nicolas Professor

show listhide listResearch Faculty

Name Title Email
Baym, Gordon A Research Professor
Ceperley, David Research Professor
Chiang, Tai-Chang RES PROF, MRL, Materials Research Lab
Lamb, Frederick K Research Professor
Peng, Jen-Chieh Research Professor
Riedl, Caroline Research Associate Professor
Tsokaros, Antonios Research Assistant Professor