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Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering

Address and Contact Information

216 Talbot Laboratory
104 S. Wright
M/C 234
Urbana, IL  61801-2959  (map)

Departmental Information

Head: Rizwan Uddin, 214 Talbot Laboratory, MC-234, 244-4944
Administrative Aide:  Barbara Russell, 216 Talbot Laboratory, MC-234, 333-6105
Office Support Specialist: Hannah Stites, 217 Talbot Laboratory, MC-234, 300-4072

Assoc Head for Graduate Programs: Y Z, 111A Talbot Laboratory, MC-234, 300-0452
Assoc Head for Undergraduate Programs: Tomasz Kozlowski, 111D Talbot Laboratory, MC-234, 333-4096
Senior Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs: Becky Meline, 219 Talbot Laboratory, MC-234, 333-3598
Graduate Program Specialist: Kristie Stramaski, 218 Talbot Laboratory, MC-234, 300-5517

Assoc Director of Advancement: Ross Williams, 310 Engineering Hall, MC-269, 244-2296

Center for Plasma-Material Interactions, Dir, David N. Ruzic, 101 Nuclear Radiations Laboratory, 333-0332

Extreme Robotics Laboratory, Dir, Y Z, 220 B&C Talbot Laboratory, 300-0452

Fuel Cell Research Lab, Dir, George H. Miley, 106/107 Nuclear Engineering Laboratory, 333-3772

Functional X-ray Imaging Laboratory (FXIL), Dir, Ling-Jian Meng, 1245 Digital Computer Lab, 333-7710

High Temperature Environmental Exposure Laboratory, Dir, Brent J. Heuser, 209 E Talbot Laboratory, 333-9610

High Temperature Nuclear Materials Laboratory, Dir, James F. Stubbins, 209 A, B, C Talbot Laboratory, 333-6474

Illinois Plasma Institute, Dir, David N. Ruzic, 2111 S. Oak Street, Champaign, 333-0332

Nuclear Materials Fabrication and Studies Laboratory, Dir, Brent Heuser, 220 D Talbot Laboratory, 333-9610

Multiphase Thermo-fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Dir, Caleb Brooks, 11 Talbot Laboratory, 265-0519

Radiation Detection and Imaging Laboratory, Dir, Ling-Jian Meng, 1240 Digital Computer Lab, 333-7710

Socio-Technical Risk Analysis (SoTeRiA) Laboratory, Dir, Zahra Mohaghegh, 127 Talbot Laboratory, 300-5076

Synthesis, Plasma, Energy, Conversion (SPEC) Laboratory, Dir, R. Mohan Sankaran, 111 Nuclear Radiations Laboratory, 126 and 129 Materials Research Laboratory, 244-7316

Virtual Education and Research Laboratory, Dir, Rizwan Uddin, 135 Talbot Laboratory, 244-4944

show listhide listFaculty

Name Title Email
Abbaszadeh, Shiva Adjunct Assistant Professor
Abelson, John R Professor Emeritus
Allen, Jont Professor
Andruczyk, Daniel Research Assistant Professor
Aref, Michael Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Binder, Jeffrey Louis Adjunct Professor
Boppart, Stephen Allen Professor
Brooks, Caleb Associate Professor
Curreli, Davide Associate Professor
Debevec, Paul T Professor Emeritus
Di Fulvio, Angela Assistant Professor
Dolan, Thomas J Adjunct Professor
Garada, Masab H Adjunct Assistant Professor
Goeckner, Matthew Adjunct Professor
Heuser, Brent J Professor
Huff, Kathryn D Assistant Professor
Jurczyk, Brian Edward Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
Kaminski, Michael David Adjunct Associate Professor
Kim, Kyekyoon Professor
Kozlowski, Tomasz Associate Professor
Marsh, Charles P Adjunct Professor
Meng, Ling Jian Professor
Miley, George Professor Emeritus
Miller, David W Adjunct Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
Mohaghegh, Zahra Associate Professor
Nelson, Richard F Adjunct Assistant Professor
Neumann, Martin John Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ragheb, Magdi Associate Professor
Reihani, Seyed Research Scientist
Ruzic, David N Professor
Sakurahara, Tatsuya Research Assistant Professor
Sankaran, R. Mohan Professor
Singer, Clifford E Professor Emeritus
Sollima, Calogero Visiting Scholar
Stowell, Michael ADJ RES ASSOC PROF
Stubbers, Robert Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
Stubbins, James F Professor
Sullivan, Clair Julia Adjunct Research Assistant Professor
Trinkle, Dallas Professor
Uddin, Rizwan Professor
Zhang, Yang Associate Professor