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Department of Psychology

Address and Contact Information

308 Psychology Bldg
603 E. Daniel
M/C 716
Champaign, IL  61820-6232  (map)

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  • Psychology, Department of: 333-0631
  • (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
  • Psychology Building, 603 E Daniel, C, MC-716
  • FAX: 244-5876
  • Head: Aaron Benjamin 315 Psychology, MC-716, 333-0631
  • Assistant to the Head: Jane Jukes 315 Psychology, MC-716, 300-0076
  • General info: 315 Psych Building, MC-716, 333-0631
  • Building operations: Jerry Bonam 300-6254
  • Timetable and room scheduling: Rachel Garrett 265-4142
  • Psychological Services Ctr: 505 E Green, C, MC-441, 333-0041
  • Payroll: 265-6994
  • Purchasing and reimbursements: 333-0647
  • Grants, contracts: 333-6824 or 333-3361
  • Budget and resource planning: 333-0630
  • Undergrad Studies: 333-0022
  • Undergraduate advising: Room 10 Psych Building, 333-6478
  • General inquiries:
  • Subject pool coordinator:
  • GRADUATE PROGRAM: 333-2169
  • ALUMNI AFFAIRS: 333-3429
  • Infant Cognition Lab: 61 Psych Bldg, MC-716, 333-5988
  • Language Acquisition Lab: 83 Psych Bldg, MC-716, 244-6098
  • Center for Parent-Child Studies: 654 Psych Bldg, MC-716, 244-9342

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Name Title Email
Alexander, Leo Assistant Professor
Beck, Diane M Professor
Benjamin, Aaron S Professor
Berenbaum, Howard Professor
Briley, D. A. Associate Professor
Cervantes Botero, Victor H Assistant Professor
Cohen, Amy Paige Clinical Associate Professor
Cohen, Dov Professor
Cohen, Joseph Rich Associate Professor
Cohen, Neal J Director, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute (IHSI)
Director, CNLM
Derringer, Jaime Associate Professor
Dolcos, Florin Professor
Dolcos, Sanda Monica Research Assistant Professor
Fabiani, Monica Professor
Fairbairn, Catharine Edith Ann Associate Professor
Federmeier, Kara D Professor
Fisher, Cindy Professor
Fraley, R Chris Professor
Gibson, Lynda Director, Psychological Services Center
Clinical Assistant Professor
Goense, Jozien Associate Professor
Gratton, Gabriele Professor
Gulley, Joshua M Professor
Hankin, Benjamin L Professor
Heller, Wendy Professor
Hinman, Jake Assistant Professor
Holden, Tasha Assistant Professor
Hotaling, Jared Assistant Professor
Hummel, John E Professor
Hunter, Carla Desi-Ann Associate Professor
Hyde, Daniel Associate Professor
Juraska, Janice M Professor
Koehn, Hans Friedrich Associate Professor
Kurdi, Benedek Assistant Professor
Kwapil, Thomas Richard Professor
Leskis, Kathryn Kurlakowsky Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychology
Clinical Director, Illinois NeuroBehavioral Assessment Laboratory (INBAL)
Liang, Nu-Chu Associate Professor
Lleras, Alejandro Professor
Lleras Buetti, Simona Research Associate Professor
Lyubansky, Mikhail TEACHING ASSOC PROF
Min, Haylee Assistant Professor
Mischkowski, Dominik Assistant Professor
Montag, Jessica L. Assistant Professor
Newman, Daniel A PROF, Psychology
Pomerantz, Eva Marie Professor
Regenwetter, Michel Professor
Rhodes, Justin S Professor
Rios, Kimberly Michelle Professor
Rizzo, Michael Thomas Assistant Professor
Roberts, Brent W Professor
Rodriguez Palacios, Violeta Assistant Professor
Rounds, James Professor
Rudolph, Karen D Professor
Sadaghiani, Sepideh Associate Professor
Sahakyan, Lili Professor
Seaton, Eleanor Kenyetta Professor
Shenouda, Christine TEACH ASST PROF
Simons, Daniel J Professor
Stern, Chadly Daniel Associate Professor
Tancredy, Caroline M TEACHING ASST PROF
Todd, Nathan R Professor
Travis, Lisa L Senior Lecturer
Wang, Michelle Yongmei ASSOC PROF, Psychology
Wang, Ranxiao Professor
Willits, Jon Anthony Assistant Professor
Zhang, Bo Assistant Professor
Zhang, Susu Assistant Professor

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