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Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Address and Contact Information

2090A Foreign Languages
707 S. Mathews
M/C 146
Urbana, IL  61801-3643  (map)

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  • East Asian Languages and Cultures, Department of:
  • 244-1432
  • 2090 Foreign Languages Building, 707 S Mathews Ave, U, MC-146
  • FAX: 244-2223
  • EMAIL:
  • URL:
  • Head: Robert Tierney, 2090 FLB, MC-146, 244-1432
  • Office Manager: Mary Moon, 2090F FLB, MC-146, 300-5482
  • Dir, Undergrad studies and undergrad advr: Dan Shao, 2056 FLB, MC-146, 244-1432
  • Dir, grad studies: Chilin Shih, 2032 FLB, MC-146, 244-1432
  • SLCL grad services: Nicolette Elam, 3070 FLB, MC-173, 300-5826
  • Lynn Stanke, 3070 FLB, MC-173, 333-6269
  • STUDY ABROAD: Year in Japan program: Kokoro Muramoto, 2090 FLB, MC-146, 244-1432

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Name Title Email
Callahan, Christopher Thane TCH ASST PROF
Chen, Jingling Assistant Professor
Chow, Kai-Wing Professor
Gunji, Naoko Assistant Professor
Hirata, Shino Hayashi SR INSTRUCTOR
Martin, Jeffrey T Associate Professor
Mayer, Alexander Leonhard Associate Professor
Nozaki, Chie Instructor
Persiani, Gian Piero Assistant Professor
Sadler, Misumi Associate Professor
Shao, Dan Associate Professor
Shih, Chilin Professor
Song, Myoung-Sun Assistant Professor
Tierney, Robert Professor
Wilson, Roderick Ike Associate Professor