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Department of Economics

Address and Contact Information

214 David Kinley Hall
1407 W. Gregory
M/C 707
Urbana, IL  61801-3606  (map)

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  • 214 David Kinley Hall, 1407 W Gregory, U, MC-707
  • Phone: 217-333-0120
  • Fax: 217-244-6678
  • Website:
  • Head: George Deltas
  • Assoc Head: Seung-Hyun Hong
  • Asst Director HR & Administration: Lauria Grift 217-300-2517
  • Asst Director of Career & Alumni Affairs: Katie Kennealy 217-333-2682
  • Asst Director Business Affairs: Clara Hwang 217-300-6328
  • Account Tech II: Giang Lam 217-300-3249
  • Office Administrator: Tera Martin-Roy  217-300-3684
  • Office Support Associate: Olivia Callow 217-300-4272


  • 214 David Kinley Hall, 1407 W Gregory, U, MC-707
  • Fax: 244-6678
  • Director, Grad Studies:  Stefan Krasa 217-333-7698 
  • Office Administrator: Carolyn Banks 217-333-7082

MASTERS OF SCIENCE  in Policy Economics Program (MSPE)

  • 205 DKH, 1407 W Gregory, U, MC-707;
  • Phone: 217-333-7651
  • Fax: 244-7368
  • Website:
  • Interim Director: Martin K. Perry
  • Assoc Director: Ali Toossi
  • Administrative Assistant, Program Manager:  Cathy Ballew  217-244-8890
  • Office Manager, Admissions: Tricia Willoughby 217-333-7651


  • 214 David Kinley Hall, 1407 W Gregory, U, MC-707
  • Phone: 217-333-2682
  • Fax: 244-6678
  • Director, Undergrad Studies: Elizabeth Powers
  • Assoc Director for Undergrad Studies & Academic Advisor: Jamie Thomas-Ward
  • Academic Advisor: Stefanie Flores-Freeman
  • Academic Advisor: Kari Hutjens
  • Academic Advisor: Tosha Bilsbury
  • Office Support Specialist: Tara Murray 217-333-2682

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Name Title Email
Akresh, Richard S Associate Professor
Albouy, David Yves Professor
Alonso Fontes, Daniela Clinical Assistant Professor
Armendariz Buaun, Ramses Yusseff TCH ASST PROF
Bartik, Alexander Wickman Assistant Professor
Bera, Anil K Professor
Bernhardt, Mark Daniel Professor
Bernotas, David Lecturer
Bilias, Yannis Visiting Professor
Borgschulte, Mark Assistant Professor
Buckley, Bryan Douglas TEACHING ASST PROF
Chung, Eun Yi Assistant Professor
Cunha Medeiros, Marcelo Professor
Deltas, George Professor
DiIanni, Isaac Senior Lecturer
Elosegui, Pedro Luis Visiting Professor
Forsythe, Elizabeth Carla Assistant Professor
Garin, Andrew Lewis Assistant Professor
Hong, Seung-Hyun Associate Professor
Howard, Greg Assistant Professor
Kleemans, Maria Assistant Professor
Krasa, Stefan Professor
Lee, JiHyung Associate Professor
Lemus Encalada, Jorge Associate Professor
Marx, Benjamin Michael Associate Professor
Osman, Adam Mohamed Assistant Professor
Parente, Stephen Lawrence Associate Professor
Perry, Martin Professor
Powers, Elizabeth T Associate Professor
Schultz, Colleen Clinical Professor
Shea, Joshua Assistant Professor
Thornton, Rebecca Lynn ASSOC PROF, Women & Gender in Global Persp
Toossi, Ali Clinical Professor
Associate Director MSPE Program
Vazquez, Jose J Clinical Professor
Weinstein, Russell Michael Assistant Professor
Xie, Shihan Assistant Professor