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Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Address and Contact Information

Rm 114, 3C RAL
600 S. Mathews
M/C 712
Urbana, IL  61801-3602  (map)

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  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Department
  • of: 333-3640
  • 114 Roger Adams Laboratory, Box C-3, 600 S Mathews, U, MC-712
  • FAX: 333-5052
  • Head: Paul J.A. Kenis, 114 RAL, MC-712, 244-9214
  • Secy: Christy Bowser, 114 RAL, MC-712, 244-9214
  • Dir of grad studies: Mary Kraft, 208 RAL, MC-712
  • Grad ofc: 99 RAL, MC-712, 333-3640
  • Undergrad ofc: 99 RAL, MC-712, 244-2819
  • Undergrad Academic Advising Office: For students with last names beginning with A-G, Wolali Dedo, 110B Noyes Lab, MC-712, 244-8531; for students with last names beginning with H-N; Kimberly Powers, 110C Noyes Lab, MC-712, 333-0263; for students with last names beginning with O-Z, Todd Spinner, 110A Noyes Lab, MC-712, 244-6605;
  • Career counseling and placement: Patricia Simpson, 105 Noyes Lab, MC-712, 333-1050;

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Name Title Email
Diao, Ying Associate Professor
Flaherty, David William Professor
Floess, joachim Senior Lecturer
Guironnet, Damien S Associate Professor
Hammack, William S Professor
Harley, Brendan A Professor
Higdon, Jonathan J L Professor
Kenis, Paul J A Professor
Kong, Hyun Joon Professor
Kraft, Mary L Associate Professor
Kuenstler, Alexa Assistant Professor
Leckband, Deborah E Professor
Mironenko, Alex Assistant Professor
Monye, Uzoma Teaching Assistant Professor
Mullen, Ryan TCH ASST PROF
Pedron Haba, Sara Research Assistant Professor
Peters, Baron G Professor
Rao, Christopher V Professor
Rogers, Simon Associate Professor
Schroeder, Charles M Professor
Shukla, Diwakar Blue Waters Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Affiliate faculty, Plant Biology
Sing, Charles E Associate Professor
Su, Xiao Assistant Professor
Yang, Hong Professor
Zhao, Huimin Professor