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M/C 652
Champaign, IL  61820  (map)

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Name Title Email
Adamovicz, Laura SR RES SCIENTIST
Adomaitis, Jeannine Visiting Scientific Specialist, GIS/Wetland Science
Alexander, Nathan B Postdoctoral Research Associate
Allen, Julia Michelle Institute Affiliate
Allen, Maximilian Assistant Research Scientist, Wildlife Ecology
Allender, Matthew C Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine
Director, Wildlife Epidemiology Lab
Altenritter, Matthew Edward Lee Institute Affiliate
Anders, Philip J Biological Informatician
Baltz, Michael E Academic Hourly - Research
Beach, Cheyenne Rose Academic Hourly - Research
Beilke, Elizabeth Ann Assistant Research Scientist, Applied Ecology
Benson, Thomas J Principal Research Scientist
Critical Trends Assessment Program Coordinator
Berenbaum, May R Professor
Best, Mary Teresa Academic Hourly - Research
Beveroth, Tara Ann Associate Scientist, Avian Ecologist
Bialeschki, Cathy J Administrative Aide
Bialeschki, Kylynn Elizabeth Academic Hourly - Research
Bieri, Taryn Visiting Scientific Specialist, Forest Ecology
Bilger, Erika Associate Aquatic Entomologist
Blackshear, Millon Associate Medical Entomology Scientist
Blake-Bradshaw, Abigail Grace Postdoctoral Research Associate
Bloomer, Caitlin Postdoctoral Research Associate
Boyd, Bret Michael Institute Affiliate
Bradshaw, Therin Assistant Research Scientist, Waterfowl Ecology
Braun, Holger Institute Affiliate
Bried, Jason Assistant Research Scientist, Wetland Ecology
Broadwell, Tanner Academic Hourly - Research
Brooks, Tovah Academic Hourly - Research
Brown, Bill Academic Hourly - Research
Bruegge, Josh Academic Hourly - Research
Buckley, Jason Thomas Scientific Specialist, Hunter RR&R
Burgdorf, Karter Scientific Specialist, Aquatic Invasive Species
Burgett, April M Business Manager I (Contract)
Butler, Steven Research Biologist
Buttstadt, Lindsey Academic Hourly - Research
Caceres, Carla E Professor
Cannizzaro, Joey Academic Hourly - Research
Cao, Yong Principal Research Scientist, Stream Ecology
Cara, Corrado Visiting Scientific Specialist, Vector Biology
Carlson, Molly Academic Hourly - Research
Carmody, Patrick Academic Hourly - Research
Carr, John L Research Affiliate, Illinois Natural History Survey
Carroll, Connie Institute Affiliate
Carter, KC Senior Scientific Specialist, Pollinator Ecology
Casper, Andrew Fowler Research Affiliate, Large River Ecology
Navigation & Ecosystem Sustainability Program, USACE-USGS
Celis Murillo, Antonio Institute Affiliate
Charlebois, Pat Aquatic Ecologist; AIS Outreach Specialist
Aquatic Invasive Species Outreach Coordinator
Charles, Brian Matthew Visiting Scientific Specialist, Botany
Chiavacci, Scott J Institute Affiliate
Chick, John Howard Principal Aquatic Ecologist
Cigliano, Maria Marta Institute Affiliate
Claussen, Julie Elizabeth Academic Hourly - Research, Sport Fish Ecology Lab
Cline, Christine Academic Hourly - Research
Connock, John Institute Affiliate
Coons, Janice Institute Affiliate
Corush, Joel B Postdoctoral Research Associate
Costantini, Maria Sara Postdoctoral Research Associate
Cotten, Katrina Anais Senior Scientific Specialist, Terrestrial Ecology
Cowan, Megan Elizabeth Senior Scientific Specialist
Crawford, John Alexander Institute Affiliate
Cummings, Kevin Aquatic Surveys Coordinator
Cygnar, Lauren Elizabeth Academic Hourly - Research
Czesny, Sergiusz Jakob Principal Research Scientist, Aquatic Ecology
Field Station Director, Lake Michigan Biological Station
Dana, Catherine E Institute Affiliate
Darby, Bethany Avian Field Technician
Academic Hourly - Research
Davee, Madison Laura Academic Hourly - Research
Davis, Mark Allen Conservation Biologist
DeBoer, Jason Large River Scientist
Detmer, Tommy Institute Affiliate
Dettmers, John M Institute Affiliate
de Waal Malefyt, Chelsea Anne Academic Hourly - Research
Dewalt, Ralph Edward Aquatic Entomologist
Associate Research Program Leader-Aquatic Insects
Dickerson, Patricia Ann Artist, Scientific
Dickinson, Amy Assistant Scientist, Ecotoxicology
Dietrich, Christopher H Systematic Entomology, Section Leader
Dietrich, Claire Evelyn Academic Hourly - Research
Dillard, Mason Academic Hourly - Research
Dmitriev, Dmitry A Associate Scientist, Bioinformation/Entomology
Dmitrieva, Margarita Olegovna Academic Hourly
Douglass, Sarah Alee Associate Research Scientist, Malacology
Drager, Kim I Academic Hourly - Research
Dreslik, Michael Joseph Assistant Research Scientist, Population Ecology
Dunn, Mary Academic Hourly - Research
Durden, Kayla Jorja Academic Hourly - Research
Easton, Tony Academic Hourly - Research
Ebinger, John Edwin Institute Affiliate, IL Natural History Survey
Ellis, Jamie Natural Areas Coordinator
Ellis, Matthew Bradley Institute Affiliate
Visiting Researcher
Elmore, Julie Academic Hourly - Research
Emmans, Katie Academic Hourly - Research
Enos, Janice Katherine Assistant Research Scientist, Avian Biology
Erickson, Daniel Edward Academic Hourly - Research
Estes, Kelly Ann State Agricultural Pest Survey Coordinator
Falconer, Brittany Academic Hourly - Research
Feist, Mary Ann Elizabeth Institute Affiliate
Finney, Noah Academic Hourly - Research
Finzel, Matt Senior Scientific Specialist - Wetland Plant Ecology
M.S. Student - Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Flood, James Richard Research Programmer
Foster, Nick Visiting Scientific Specialist, Field Science
Fournier, Auriel Director, Forbes Biological Station
Associate Research Scientist, Waterfowl Ecology
Frailey, Anna Visiting Scientific Specialist, Field Science
Frederickson, Taylor Faye Academic Hourly - Research
Freeman, Julia Academic Hourly - Research
Galos, Tim Academic Hourly - Research
Gieser, Ricky Illinois Bat Conservation Program
Acoustics Field Team Lead
Gilbert, Andrew D Assistant Waterbird Ecologist
Gill, Sharon A Institute Affiliate
Gilman, Priya Elizabeth Academic Hourly - Research
Gittinger, Eric James Assistant Research Scientist, Large Rivers Ecology
Assistant Field Station Director
Glandon, Hillary Lane Assistant Research Scientist, Coast Resilience
Graham, Eric Christopher Academic Hourly - Research
Grimm, Logan Jeffery Academic Hourly - Research
Grinter, Christopher Charles Institute Affiliate, IL Natural History Survey
Gronemeyer, Peg Spatial Ecologist, IL Natural History Survey
I-TICK Coordinator, Pathobiology, Vet-Med
Hagloch, Cody Dale Academic Hourly - Research
Hannahs, Karissa Academic Hourly - Research
Hans, Emma Academic Hourly - Research
Hansen, Erika Academic Hourly - Research
Harper, Lynsey Rebecca Institute Affiliate
Harper, Simon Academic Hourly - Research
Harris, Brandon S Large River Fisheries Ecologist
Hart, Lily Veronica Extra Help Research Program Participant (LU)
Academic Hourly - Research
Hartman, Jordan Nichole Postdoctoral Research Associate
Havera, Stephen P Institute Affiliate
Hayes, Nicholas Ryan Visiting Scientific Specialist, Field Science
Heads, Sam William Director & Curator-in-Charge, Center for Paleontology
Hedlund, Jocelyn Marie Academic Hourly - Research
Hemphill, Jen Institute Affiliate
Hickman, Chad Erick Associate Scientist, GIS/Database Specialist
Hine, Eric Christopher Assistant Scientist, Large River Fish Ecology
Hinz, Leon C Institute Affiliate
Hitzroth, Greg Aquatic Invasive Species Outreach Specialist
Hofmann, Joyce E Institute Affiliate
Hohoff, Tara C Associate Mammalogist
Holda, Toby Assistant Research Scientist, Large River Fisheries Ecology
Hoover, Jeff Avian Ecologist
Hopkins, Heidi E Academic Hourly - Research
Hrycyna, Elizabeth Academic Hourly - Research
Hudson, Nathan Cole Natural Areas Research Specialist
Hughes, Savannah ACADEMIC HOURLY - RESEARCH, IL Natural History Survey
Inoue, Kentaro Institute Affiliate
Irons, Kevin S Institute Affiliate
Jackson, Clark Thomas Academic Hourly - Research
Janik, Amy Institute Affiliate
Janssen, Eric Daniel Senior Scientific Specialist, Wetland Plant Ecology
Jaquet, Izabelle Sarah Academic Hourly - Research
Jarvis, Janet GIS / Database Specialist
Jeffords, Michael Institute Affiliate
Jog, Suneeti Associate Research Scientist, Wetland Plant Ecology
Affiliate Faculty, Natural Resources and Environmental Science
Johnson, Claire Autumn Visiting Scientific Specialist, Avian Ecology
Johnson, Jack Academic Hourly - Research
Johnson, Kevin Paul Principal Ornithologist
Jones, Jaclyn Kay Research Program Participant
Jordahl, Elise Marie Academic Hourly - Research
Jude, Nicholas Academic Hourly - Research
Kallembach, Carly Academic Hourly - Research
Kampmeier, Gail Affiliate
Senior Research Entomologist (retired)
Karsk, Jocelyn Renee Assistant Mammalogist
Kenney, Ian T Assistant Scientist - Wetland Soils
Kessler, Ethan Jonathan Assistant Research Scientist, Quantitative Ecology
Ketzner, David M Academic Hourly - Research
Keyworth, Cole Douglas Academic Hourly - Research
Kim, Changhyun Raymond Associate Scientist, Medical Entomology
King, Gregory D Assistant Scientist, Large River Ecology
Kirchgesner, John Thomas Associate Land Use Manager
Knuffman, Kara Assistant Research Scientist, Survey Monitoring
Kohler, Michelle Marie Academic Hourly - Research
Koleczek, Molly Anne Scientific Specialist, Field Science
Krippenstapel, Anne Visiting Scientific Specialist, Field Science
Kross, Chelsea Shannon Quantitative Ecologist
Krueger, Jacob Research Program Participant
Kuhns, Andrew R Associate Research Scientist, Herpetology
Kyle, Nick Academic Hourly - Research
Lamer, James T Director, Illinois River Biological Station
Large River Ecologist
Larkin, Ronald P Institute Affiliate
Larson, Eric R Associate Professor
Latif, Tooba Academic Hourly - Research
Leskovec, Frances Office Administrator
Levengood, Jeffrey M INSTITUTE AFFILIATE, IL Natural History Survey
Levin, Geoffrey A Associate Director for Operations
Adj Asst Prof, Plant Biology
Lowers, Mindy E Office Administrator (Contract)
Lupas, Rachel Academic Hourly - Research
Maass, Natalia Assistant Research Scientist, Endangered Species
Mably, Justin James Visiting Scientific Specialist, GIS
Mackay, Andrew James Associate Scientist, Vector Ecology
Marcum, Paul Brent Associate Botanist/Associate Project Leader for Botany
Wetland Science Program
Mason, Sara E Academic Hourly - Research
Mateus-Pinilla, Nohra E Principal Veterinary Epidemiologist
Mathews, Kaitlyn Marie Academic Hourly - Research
Mathis, Andrew T Large River Fisheries Ecologist
Maxson, Kristopher Andrew Assistant Research Scientist, Large River Fisheries Ecology
McClelland, Michael Allen Institute Affiliate
McElrath, Tommy Insect Collection Manager
Assistant Research Scientist, Entomology
McGee, Chloe Research Program Participant
McIntyre, Susan D Assistant Scientist, Wetland Plant Ecology
McNamara, Tommie FAS Database Manager
Meador, Morgan Taylor Academic Hourly - Research
Mengelkoch, Jean Associate Research Scientist, Mammalogy
Merkelz, Sara Academic Hourly - Research
Merrill, Loren Institute Affiliate
Methven, Andrew S Institute Affiliate
Mettler Cherry, Paige Institute Affiliate
Metzke, Brian Andrew Institute Affiliate
Miernicki, Liz Assistant Scientist, Wetland Soils
Miller, Andrew Nicholas Principal Mycologist
Department Affiliate, Plant Biology
Miller, Angela Dawn Office Administrator
Miller, Chris Visiting Scientific Specialist, Field Science
Miller, Craig A Principal Research Scientist, Human Dimensions
Mills, Patrick Academic Hourly - Research
Minnaert-Grote, Jamie Collections Manager, INHS Herbarium Collection
Collections Manager, University of Illinois Plant Biology Herbarium Collection
Misewicz, Matt Academic Hourly - Research
Molano-Flores, Brenda Interim Director
Principal Research Scientist, Plant Ecology
Molinaro, Sarah Assistant Research Scientist, Stream Ecology
Moline, Olivia Academic Hourly - Research
Molloy, Daniel P Institute Affiliate
Moran, Max Academic Hourly - Research
Mori, Jameson Postdoctoral Research Associate
Moss, Kristi Academic Hourly - Research
Mozzherin, Dmitriy Yuryevich Biodiversity Informatician
Mui, Jen Assistant Research Scientist
Murphy, Michael Botanist
Myers, Madison Large River Fish Ecologist
Assistant Research Scientist
Najer, Tomas Visiting Research Scholar
Nannini, Michael Fisheries/Aquatic Ecologist
Nieset, Julie E Assistant Research Scientist, Wetland Plant Ecology
Nixon, William Edward Academic Hourly - Research
Nordstrom, Abby Academic Hourly - Research
Novoselova, Marina Academic Hourly - Research
O'Brien, Trevor Scientific Specialist, Field Science
O'Leary, Eloise Baird Academic Hourly - Research
Olnas, Andrew J Assistant Research Scientist, Wetland Plant Ecology
O'Neal, Benjamin J Institute Affiliate
O'Reilly, Katie Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Aquatic Invasive Species Engagement
Osborn, Joshua M Assistant Research Scientist, Waterbird Ecology
Facilities Manager
Oubre, MJ Assistant Large River Fish Ecologist
Ower, Geoffrey Donald Research Programmer
Pagels, Abby Academic Hourly - Research
Pandey, Dhananjay Academic Hourly - Research
Pant, Manisha Assistant Research Scientist, Large River Ecology
Parker, Christine Marie Academic Hourly - Research
Parker, Jerrod Lee Assistant Scientist, Large River Ecologist
Parkos, Joseph J Director, Kaskaskia, Sam Parr & Ridge Lake Biological Stations
Paul, Deborah Scientific Specialist, Biodiversity Informatics
Biodiversity Informatics Community Liaison
Peterson, Scot Dale Assistant Research Scientist, Aquatic Ecology
Philipp, David P Academic Hourly - Research
Phillippe, Loy Richard Institute Affiliate
Pohl, Daniel Visiting Scientific Specialist, Field Scientist
Porreca, Anthony P Assistant Director, Kaskaskia Biological Station
Aquatic Ecologist
Post, Susan L Institute Affiliate
Price, Edward P Assistant Research Scientist, Botany
Promee, Jannatul Academic Hourly - Research
Proudman, Nathan Postdoctoral Research Associate
Qian, Hong Institute Affiliate
Radford, Dakota S Assistant Research Scientist, Aquatic Ecology
Ragusa, Kristen Visiting Scientific Specialist, Field Science
Rahlin, Anastasia A Assistant Scientist, Ornithology
Raja, Huzefa Research Affiliate, IL Natural History Survey
Raymer, Blake Academic Hourly - Research
Reiley, Bryan M Academic Hourly - Research
Reinhofer, Joe Academic Hourly - Research
Remmers, Justin Postdoctoral Research Associate
Rhanor, Allison K Institute Affiliate, IL Natural History Survey
Riecks-Soucek, David Ecotoxicologist/Entomologist
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Natural Res & Env Sci
Rivera De Morales, Nelda Academic Hourly - Research
Robertson, Kenneth R DEPT AFFL, Plant Biology
Robinson, Gene E Professor
Robinson, Hayley Aubrianne Academic Hourly - Research
Robinson, Jason Lesley Associate Research Scientist, Entomology
Res Assistant Professor, NRES
Roca, Alfred L Full Professor
AFFILIATE, IGB, Institute for Genomic Biology
Rogness, Brittany Assistant Scientist, Mammalogy
Roskov, Yury Catalogue of Life Executive Editor
Roswell, Charles R Assistant Research Scientist, Aquatic Ecology
Ruellan, Hugo Senior Scientific Specialist, Aquatic Ecologist
Ryba, Megan Academic Hourly - Research
Rye, Timothy Andrew Critical Trends Assessment Project (CTAP) Botanist
Salrin, Olivia Academic Hourly - Research
Santoyo Brito, Enrique Fluid Collection Specialist
Sass, Laura Louise Academic Hourly - Research
Sawant, Sarika Rajendra Academic Hourly - Research
Sawicki, Sara Assistant Research Scientist, Large River Ecology
Scerini, Kat Academic Hourly - Research
Schaick, Samuel Assistant Research Scientist, Large River Fish Ecology
Schartel, Tyler Assistant Research Scientist, Conservation Ecology
Schauber, Eric M Institute Affiliate
Schelsky, Wendy Principal Research Scientist, Behavioral Ecology
Schindler, Melissa Institute Affiliate
Schmidt, Kate Academic Hourly - Research
Schmidt, Peter Scientific Specialist, Field Science
Schmit, Jess Research Affiliate
Schmohe, Leonard Academic Hourly - Admin
Schooley, Robert Lee Professor
Scopel, Lauren Postdoctoral Research Associate
Scott, Katrina Office Administrator
Seigler, David Professor Emeritus
Semel, Brad Institute Affiliate
Sencion Cortes, Nayeli Itzel ACADEMIC HOURLY - RESEARCH
Seo, Noah Academic Hourly - Research
Shamash, Sarah Academic Hourly - Research
Sivicek, Valerie Ann Botanist
Skorupa, Ayla Jan Postdoctoral Research Associate
Soeken-Gittinger, Lori A Aquatic Ecologist
Solomon, Levi Eric Associate Research Scientist, Large River Ecology
Solter, Leellen F Research Affiliate, Illinois Natural History Survey
Sparks, Richard E Research Affiliate
Aquatic Ecologist
Spear, Michael Assistant Research Scientist, Quantitative Ecology
Spencer, Joseph Lee Principal Insect Behaviorist
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Crop Sciences
Spyreas, Greg Richard Associate Research Scientist, Botany
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Stanhope, Kimberly Anne Outreach Coordinator
Stasavich, Laura Academic Hourly - Research
Stein, Jeff Secretary of the Board of Trustees and the University
Research Affiliate, Illinois Natural History Survey
Stephens, Dan Assistant Scientist, Hunter and Trapper Recruitment Specialist
Stephens, Lauren Josie Senior Scientific Specialist, Human Dimensions Research
Stockwell, maddi Academic Hourly - Research
Stodola, Alison Price Aquatic Biologist
Curator of Malacology
Stodola, Kirk Assistant Research Scientist, Population Ecology
Stone, Chris Medical Entomologist
Strailey, Katherine Postdoctoral Research Associate
Swanson, Daniel R Academic Hourly - Research
Swedberg, Dusty Scientific Specialist, Astacology
Sweet, Andrew D Institute Affiliate
Szklaruk, Natalia Senior Scientific Specialist, AIS
Szott, Emily Ann Large River Fish Ecologist
Tan, Milton Assistant Research Scientist, Biodiversity Genomics
Taylor, Chris Principal Research Scientist, Crustacean & Fish Biology
Senior Curator of Fishes & Crustaceans
Taylor, Steven Joseph Senior Conservation Biologist, Illinois Natural History Survey
Departmental Affiliate, Entomology
Tetzlaff, Sasha J Institute Affiliate, Illinois Natural History Survey
Thoms, Martin Institute Affiliate
Tiana Rakotoarisoa Ep Ranaivozanany, Ny Aina Research Affiliate
Tiemann, Jeremy S Associate Aquatic Ecologist
Tipton, Sam Academic Hourly - Research
Tiwari, Krishna Scientific Specialist, Field Science
Tran, Brendon Cory Academic Hourly - Research
Trivellone, Valeria Assistant Research Scientist, Vector Ecology
Tucker, Stefan Assistant Research Scientist, Large River Fish Ecology
Tuten, Holly C Associate Scientist, Vector Ecology
Tweddale, Tari Ann Associate Research Scientist, GIS
Twellmann, Curtis Scientific Specialist, Regional R3 Planner
Ulaszek, Eric Frank Botanist
Valentine, Shaley Assistant Research Scientist, Quantitative Ecology
Vaske, Jerry Academic Hourly - Research
Vigilante, Domenico Graziano Academic Hourly - Research
Villazan Perez Girones, Sara Academic Hourly - Research
Vinette, Zach Academic Hourly - Research
Vinsel, Rachel M Assistant Data Curator
Senior Scientific Specialist, Malacology
Walberg, Eric Michael Human Dimensions Research Coordinator
Walk, Jeffery W Institute Affiliate
Walkush, Hayden Samuel Academic Hourly - Research
Ward, Abbey CREP Field Scientist
Ward, Lillian Catherine Academic Hourly - Research
Ward, Michael Patrick Professor
Warwick, Charles E Academic Hourly - Research
Weckstein, Jason D Institute Affiliate
Welch, Nicole Jarin Academic Hourly - Research
Wetzel, Mark J Aquatic Oligochaetologist, Macroinvertebrate Zoologist
Weyers, David Philip Large River Ecologist
Whelan, Christopher J ADJ RES ASSOC PROF, Biological Sciences -- UofI Chicago
White, Barbara Jean Research Affiliate
White, John Research Affiliate
Whitten Harris, Andrya L Assistant Scientist, Large River Fish Ecology
Wiesbrook, Scott M Associate Research Scientist, Wetland Soils
Assistant Project Leader for Soils
Williams, Benjamin Rex Institute Affiliate, IL Natural History Survey
Williams, Brent Assistant Research Scientist, Human Dimensions
Williams, Jesse Assistant Research Scientist, Large River Fish Ecology
Williamson, Dalton Riley Visiting Senior Scientific Specialist, Wetland Soils
Willink, Philip W Academic Hourly - Research
Wilm, Brian W Principal Research Scientist, Wetland Science
Wilson Wu Budde, Grace Research Affiliate
Witzel, Zachary John Large River Fisheries Ecologist
Wolff, Patrick John Institute Affiliate
Yan, Jiayue (Gabriel) Assistant Research Scientist, Mosquito Biology
Yetter, Aaron Waterfowl Ecologist
Yff, David Assistant Research Scientist, Aquatic Ecology
Yoder, Matthew Jon Associate Scientist, Biodiversity Informatics
Zahniser, James Norman Institute Affiliate
Zaya, David Associate Scientist, Plant Ecologist
Zercher, Bradley Wetland Field Biologist
Zilinger, Amber Academic Hourly - Research
Zinnen, Jack Henry Assistant Research Scientist, Wetland Plant Ecology

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