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Illinois State Archaeological Survey

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209 Nuclear Physics Bldg
23 Stadium Drive
M/C 571
Champaign, IL  61820  (map)

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Name Title Email
Abrams, Georgia R Academic Hourly
Adams, Brian Associate Scientist
Senior Research Archaeologist
Aiuvalasit, Michael John Assistant Research Scientist, Environmental Archaeologist
Barnes, Michael Archaeological Technician
Benson, Erin Senior Research Archaeologist, American Bottom Field Station
Betzenhauser, Alleen Coordinator, American Bottom Field Station
Associate Research Scientist, Archaeology
Blodgett, Daniel F Research Archaeologist
Boles, Steven L Senior Research Archaeologist
Boyd, Timothy Archaeological Assistant
Boyer, Sarah Production Manager
Brennan, Tamira K Section Head of Curation
Ancient Technologies and Materials
Bryant, Paula L Archaeological Technician
Burns, James L Archaeological Technician
Butler-Bach, Trudi Scientific Specialist, Archaeology
Chouinard, Natalie Scientific Specialist, Archaeology
Conatser, Kathryn E Academic Hourly - Research
Cring, Emily Academic Hourly
Cunningham, Cathrine R Business/Administrative Associate
Illiniois Certified Research Administrator
Daniel, Krista Scientific Specialist, Archaeology
Durst, Patrick R Senior Research Archaeologist
ABFS Statewide Survey Coordinator
Edwards-Ring, J. Lee Scientific Specialist, Archaeology
Emerson, Kjersti E Ceramic Analyst
Emerson, Thomas Research Affiliate, Prairie Research Institute
Evans, Madeleine G Senior Lithic Research Analyst
Farkas, Michael G Associate Research Scientist, Archaeological Data
Farnsworth, Kenneth B Institute Affiliate
Fishel, Richard Associate Research Scientist, Archaeology
Senior Research Archaeologist
Gammage, Noah Physical Science Staff Assistant
Geier, Kenton Research Archaeologist
Green, Patrick Field Station Coordinator
Harken, Sarah E Archaeological Assistant
Hasler, Christian Academic Hourly
Haun, Luke August Academic Hourly
Hedman, Kristin Marie Section Head, Interdisciplinary Research
Assistant Director for Bioarchaeology
Hertel, Mera A Graphic Design Manager (Contract)
Hughes, Erin Research Archaeologist
Hynes, Mary Ruth Senior Scientific Specialist, Archaeological Collections
Digital Data and Document Curation Specialist
King, Mary Margarette Research Archaeobotanist
Klein, John Senior Research Archaeologist
Kolb, Michael Institute Affiliate
Koldehoff, Brad H Research Affiliate, Prairie Research Institute
Kuehn, Jolene June Academic Hourly
Kuehn, Steven R Staff Archaeologist
Lambert, John Michael Assistant Research Scientist, Geospatial Analysis
Lansdell, Michael Brent Senior Research Archaeologist
Lewis, Mike IT Technical Associate
Loebel, Thomas J Assistant Director
Section Head, Transportation Archaeology
Mallo, Andrew L Senior Research Archaeologist
Martinho, Marcia L Graphic Design Associate (Contract)
McCullough, Bob Section Head, Special Projects
McCullough, Dorothea Academic Hourly
Meizis, Marie C Archaeological Specialist I
Moses, Sarah Office Support Associate
Nolan, David James Associate Research Scientist, Archaeology
Coordinator, Western Illinois Field Station
Nolan, Susan Archaeological Technician
Otzwirk, Mason Academic Hourly
Pauketat, Timothy R Director, Illinois State Archaeology Survey
Illinois State Archaeologist
Petrucelli, Calvin Academic Hourly
Pfannkuche, Sara Senior Scientific Specialist, Archaeology Collections
Pisell, James M Senior Scientific Specialist
District Archaeologist
Rankin, Caitlin Geoarchaeologist
Assistant Scientist
Roberts, Aimee N Archaeological Assistant
Rohe, Robert W Historic Resources Analyst
Rosa, Trinity Academic Hourly
Rothe, Victoria Gail Scientific Specialist, Archaeology
Rucinski, Hannah Academic Hourly
Scattergood, Sarah Elizabeth Archaeological Projects Coordinator
Schaefer, Kimberly A Archaeobotanist
Schuessler, Alli Academic Hourly
Scobbie, John Scientific Specialist
Shelly, Nathaniel Academic Hourly
Skousen, Benjamin J Research Archaeologist
Skrypkun, Sierra Extra Help - Research Program Participant (LU)
Smith, Michael E Section head, Historics
Assistant Research Scientist
Tolmie, Clare Coordinator, Northern Illinois Field Station
Tufano, Adam Andrew Lithic Analyst
Field Safety officer
Wallace, Justin Archaeological Technician
Watts, Elizabeth Lorraine Research Archaeologist
Collaborative Research Liaison
Weeks, Casey L Architectural Historian
White, Andrew Research Archaeologist
Williams, Laura Evaleen Architectural Historian
Wilshaw-Watts, Mary Lou Academic Hourly
Woods, Maddie Academic Hourly
Wright, Patricia Lynn American Bottom Field Station Office Manager
Archaeological Assistant
Youngpeter, Christina Leola Academic Hourly
Zelin, Alexey Academic Hourly

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