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Illinois State Archaeological Survey

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209 Nuclear Physics Bldg
23 Stadium Drive
M/C 571
Champaign, IL  61820  (map)

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Abrams, Georgia RAcademic Hourly
Adams, BrianAssociate Scientist
Senior Research Archaeologist
Aiuvalasit, Michael JohnAssistant Research Scientist, Environmental Archaeologist
Barnes, MichaelDistrict Archaeologist
Benson, ErinSenior Research Archaeologist, American Bottom Field Station
Betzenhauser, AlleenCoordinator, American Bottom Field Station
Principal Research Archaeologist
Blasius, ElizabethAcademic Hourly
Blodgett, Daniel FRES ARCHEO
Blume, DevinAcademic Hourly
Boles, Steven LSenior Research Archaeologist
Boyd, TimothyArchaeological Assistant
Boyer, SarahProduction Manager
Brennan, Tamira KCurator
Ancient Technologies and Materials
Bryant, Paula LArchaeological Technician
Burns, James LArchaeological Technician
Butler-Bach, TrudiArchaeological Technician
Ciesielczyk-Gibson, JordanAcademic Hourly
Cring, EmilyAcademic Hourly
Cunningham, Cathrine RAccountant I
Illiniois Certified Research Administrator
Densmore, AllisonAcademic Hourly
Durst, Patrick RSenior Research Archaeologist
ABFS Statewide Survey Coordinator
Edwards-Ring, JenniferStaff Archaeologist
Emerson, Kjersti ECeramic Analyst
Evans, Madeleine GSenior Lithic Research Analyst
Farkas, Michael GAssociate Scientist, Archaeological Data
Fishel, RichardSenior Research Archaeologist
Fitts, Lauren MarieArchaeological Technician
Fort, Matthew AlexanderArchaeometry Research Specialist
Geier, KentonAcademic Hourly
Gillam, Carrington OliviaAcademic Hourly
Haun, Luke AugustAcademic Hourly
Hedman, Kristin MarieSection Head, Interdisciplinary Research
Assistant Director for Bioarchaeology
Hertel, Mera AGraphic Design Manager (Contract)
Hughes, ErinResearch Archaeologist
Hynes, Mary RuthDigital Data Document Curation Specialist
King, Mary MargaretteResearch Archaeobotanist
Klein, JohnSenior Research Archaeologist
Kuehn, Jolene JuneAcademic Hourly
Kuehn, Steven RStaff Archaeologist
Lambert, John MichaelArchaeological Spatial Analyst
Lansdell, Michael BrentSenior Research Archaeologist
Lewis, MikeNetwork Administrator
Loebel, Thomas JAssistant Director
Section Head, Transportation Archaeology
Lulewicz, IsabelleResearch Archaeologist
Assistant Scientist
Mallo, Andrew LStaff Archaeologist
Martinho, Marcia LGraphic Design Associate (Contract)
Mazrim, ChristineAcademic Hourly
Mazrim, Robert FAssociate Scientist, Historic Resources Archaeologist
McCullough, BobAssistant Director for Special Projects
Section Head
McCullough, DorotheaAcademic Hourly
Meizis, Marie CArchaeological Specialist I
Nolan, David JamesCoordinator, Western Illinois Field Station
Nolan, SusanArchaeological Technician
Pauketat, Timothy RDirector
Illinois State Archaeologist
Pisell, James MArchaeological Technician
Porubcan, Paula JillNorthern Illinois Field Station Coordinator
Rankin, CaitlinGeoarchaeologist
Assistant Scientist
Rivera Infante, Arturo F.Academic Hourly
Roberts, Aimee NArchaeological Assistant
Rothe, Victoria GailAcademic Hourly
Rucinski, HannahAcademic Hourly
Scattergood, Sarah ElizabethArchaeological Projects Coordinator
Schaefer, Kimberly AArchaeobotanist
Schuessler, AlliAcademic Hourly
Scobbie, John Alexander SchoneArchaeological Specialist I
Shelly, NathanielAcademic Hourly
Skousen, Benjamin JResearch Archaeologist
Smith, Michael ESenior Architectural Archaeologist
Tolmie, ClareSenior Research Archaeologist
Tufano, Adam AndrewLithic Analyst
Watts, Elizabeth LorraineResearch Archaeologist
Collaborative Research Liaison
Weedman, BillArchaeological Assistant
Weeks, Casey LArchaeological Historian
White, AndrewResearch Archaeologist
White, LizPostdoctoral Research Associate
Wiesner, JenniferAcademic Hourly
Williams, Laura EvaleenHistorical Archaeological Research Specialist
Wilshaw-Watts, Mary LouAcademic Hourly
Wright, Patricia LynnAmerican Bottom Field Station Office Manager
Archaeological Assistant
Zelin, AlexeyAcademic Hourly