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Illinois State Water Survey

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Water Survey Research Center
2204 Griffith Drive
M/C 674
Champaign, IL  61820  (map)

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Name Title Email
Abert, Curtis C Associate Geologist
Abrams, Daniel Associate Research Scientist, Groundwater Flow Modeler
Angel, James Randal Affiliate
Dept Adjunct, Atmospheric Science
Arnold, Camden Senior Scientific Specialist, Hazard Mitigation Planning
Atkins, Jennie Renee WARM Program Manager
Atkinson, Michael R Academic Hourly - Research
Attig, Kimberly E Sediment Analyst
Bai, Sen Academic Hourly - Research
Bargon, Margarita Fyodorovna Assistant Chemist
Bauer, K Erin Hessler Research Project Coordinator
Beardsley, John D Associate Research Scientist
Bergerhouse, Tom CAL DATA & SITE SUP MGR
Bhimireddy, Sudheer Reddy Postdoctoral Research Associate
Bhowmik, Nani G Institute Affiliate
Buckley, Greta Marie GIS Specialist
Buckley, Kaitlin Marie Water Resources Outreach Specialist
Byard, Gregory Joseph Water Resources Engineer
Chaille, Brian Hydrologic/Hydraulic Engineer
Cosentino, Dawn Assistant Scientist, Project Engineer
Cullen, Cecilia Scientific Specialist, Hydrogeology
Davisson, Diana Marie Mapping Program Engineer
De La Guardia Hernandez, Laura Andrea Graduate Hourly
Deremiah, Eileen F Web & Applications Developer
Midwestern Regional Climate Center
Ford, Trenton Wayne Illinois State Climatologist
Assistant Scientist, Climatology
Freeman, Kristina Louise Physical Science Technical Assistant
Fuller, Shelly Assistant Scientist, Research Engagement
Gartman, Nina Interim Co-Director, Health and Environment Analytics Laboratory
Assistant Scientist, Analytical Chemistry Lab
Getahun, Elias Hydrologist
Illinois State Water Survey, Prairie Research Institute
Ghiami Shomami, Fereshteh Academic Hourly - Research
Graff, Lisa M Program Manager, Mitigation & Planning
Associate Research Scientist, Mitigation & Planning
Grandt, Tatyana Valery Assistant Chemist
Green, Lee Chemist
Gulsen, Esra Visiting Scientific Specialist, Hydrogeology
Hadley, Daniel Raymond Hydrogeologist
Professional Geologist
Haken, James Academic Hourly - Research
Hanstad, Christopher Robert Assistant Scientist, LOMR Project Engineer
Heistand, Glenn Nagel Section Head, Coordinated Hazard Assessment and Mapping Program (CHAMP)
Associate Research Scientist, Water Resources Engineer
Hillermann, Max Visiting Scientific Specialist, Hydrogeology
Hlinka, Kenneth James Academic Hourly - Research
Hoffman, Catherine L Groundwater Records Specialist
Iordache, Vlad Water Resources Application Developer
Jefferson, Matthew Roy Remote Sensing Data Analyst
Jobe, Addison Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineer
Jones, Allan Scientific Specialist, Hydrogeology
Jones, Tanner C Academic Hourly - Research
Keefer, Laura Lynn Illinois State Hydrologist
Fluvial Geomorphologist
Kelly, Walton R Head, Groundwater Science Section
Groundwater Geochemist
Krasowski, Michael P Scientific Specialist, Hydrogeologist
Kristovich, David A Head, Climate and Atmospheric Science Section
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Law, Marni Leah GIS Specialist
Makdah, Lena S Visiting Scientific Specialist, Environmental Assessments
Mannix, Devin Assistant Scientist, Hydrogeology
Markus, Momcilo Principal Research Scientist, Hydrology
McLaughlin, Katelyn Marketing Associate
McVay, Brad A GIS Specialist
Meanor, Alison Marie Academic Hourly - Admin
Meekma, Ryan P Senior GIS Hydrographer
Milton, Sarah C GIS Specialist
OBrien, Kevin Charles Director, Illinois State Water Survey
Director, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
Pantha, Samikshya Scientific Specialist, GIS Analysis
Paudel, Sabin Hydrologic & Hydraulic Engineer
Perryn, David Assistant to the Director
Powell, James Wesley Senior Scientific Specialist, Staff Engineer
Rea, Evan A Interim Co-Director, Health and Environment Analytics Laboratory
Senior Scientific Specialist, Lab QA
Rennels, Kevin L Field Research Specialist
Richardson, Mary Jane Engineering Assistant
Outreach Coordinator
Samson, Nichole Laboratory Assistant
Sangwan, Nikhil Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineer
Saylor, William F Floodplain Information Specialist
Seek, Lara Field Research Specialist
Shepherd, Laurel Academic Hourly - Research
Sjoken, Ron Visiting Scientific Specialist, Environmental Monitoring
Stevenson, Kip Edward Research Field Coordinator
Taylor, Veronica Academic Hourly - Research
Terashima, Hideyuki Outreach Data Technical Specialist
Thomas, Aaron Bray Project Water Resources Engineer
Tuegel, Erin R Senior Scientific Specialist, Analytical Chemistry
Vella, Philip Alan Academic Hourly - Admin
Wang, Junming Atmospheric Scientist
Wessman, Cora Academic Hourly - Research
Wilcoxon, Monte R Chemist /QA QC Officer
Williamson, Meirah Scientific Specialist, GIS Analysis
Wilson, Jennifer Sjolin Academic Hourly
Wilson, Steven D Groundwater Hydrologist
Head, Environmental Public Health, Information, and Data Services (EPHIDS) Section
Winfield, Emily Visiting Scientific Specialist, Watershed Science
Wyse, Joyce Academic Hourly - Research
Zaloudek, Zoe Ann Geospatial Application Developer
Zavelle, Atticus Senior Scientific Specialist, GIS Hydrology
Zhang, Zhenxing Water Supply Hydrologist

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