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Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

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1 E. Hazelwood
M/C 676
Champaign, IL  61820-7465  (map)

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Name Title Email
Ashby, Travis Senior Scientific Specialist, Environmental Analyst
Auksel, Bill Visiting Senior Scientific Specialist, Technical
Barnes, Laura Sustainability Information Curator
Strategic Communications Liaison
Baroi, Chinmoy Head of Direct Air Capture (DAC) and DAC Hub Business Development
Research Scientist/Engineer
Branstrom, Celeste Ann Office Support Associate
Brownstein, Stephanie L Assistant Scientist, Research Engineer
Campbell, Mary Terese Project Manager
Circenis, Sophie Scientific Specialist, Chemical/Research Engineer
Comer-Warner, Sophie A Visiting Research Scholar
Demitry, Morris Academic Hourly - Research
Dexter, Jim Marketing/Communications Specialist
DeYoung, Mike Project Manager
Dietsch, Jason Assistant Scientist, Structural, Design, and Process Engineer
Dillion, Cameron T Chemist, Water Treatment Specialist
DiVincenzo, Ashley Cara Visiting Scientific Specialist, Institutional Water Treatment Chemist
Durham, Reilly Maeve Visiting Scientific Specialist - Environmental Engineer
Echeto Palmar, Maholy Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Project Engineer
Epstein, Devin Visiting Scientific Specialist, Environmental Engineer
Eschbach, Mark Visiting Scientific Specialist, Institutional Water Treatment Chemist
Eskew, Cody Visiting Senior Scientific Specialist, Coastal Studies
Feher, Savannah Senior Scientific Specialist
Giardinella, Sebastiano Assistant Research Scientist, Project Engineer
Gioja, Leslie Michael Associate Research Scientist, Project Engineer
Gogoi, Parikshit Visiting Research Scholar
Green, Lee Chemist
Guske, Emily Community Engagement & Outreach Specialist
Hegde, Sudiksha Academic Hourly - Research
Huggett, Erin Senior Scientific Specialist, Chemical and Research Engineering
Jacobson, Debra F Associate Director, Technical Assistance and Outreach Program
PRI Fellow, Prairie Research Institute
Jagadeesh, Tara Visiting Senior Scientific Specialist, Coastal Studies
Jones, Bryan Christopher Project Manager
Kim, Jaemin Assistant Research Scientist, Materials Scientist
Kueneke, Don Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Industrial Engineer
Larimore, Ryan Assistant Research Scientist, Project Engineer
Liu, Deborah Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Process Engineer
Lomax, Dave Academic Hourly - Research
Lu, Hong Associate Research Scientist, Engineering
Maxwell, Bryan Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Project Engineer
McMahan, Owen Patrick Technical Assistance Engineer
Meschewski, Beth Community Engagement and Outreach Lead
Assistant Research Scientist, Hazardous Waste & Pollutants
Miller, Matthew Visiting Senior Scientific Specialist, IWT Chemistry, IL Sustainable Technology Ctr
OBrien, Kevin Charles Director, Illinois State Water Survey
Director, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
Overmann, Jeremy Lynn Chemist, Water Treatment Specialist
Pabedinskas, Vytas Academic Hourly - Research
Park, Jung Hyun Visiting Senior Scientific Specialist, Industrial Engineer
Pickowitz, joep Sustainable Technology Engineer IV
ISTC Facilities Coordinator
Prada Sepulveda, Andres Felipe Senior Scientific Specialist, Environmental Engineer
Prajapati, Ravindra Postdoctoral Research Associate
Prause, Scott Assistant Research Scientist, Project Engineer
Rajagopalan, Nandakishore Principal Research Scientist, Industrial Engineering
Ramola, Sudipta Postdoctoral Research Associate
Rickerd, Trevor Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ruckman, Betsy Academic Hourly - Research
Sahay, Alankrita Visiting Scientific Specialist, Environmental Engineer
Salih, Hafiz Hussein Mohamed Associate Research Scientist
Head of Business Development Point Source Capture
Samaras, Zach Zero Waste Illinois Coordinator
Schideman, Lance Charles Principal Research Scientist, Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor
Scott, John W Associate Research Scientist, Senior Analytical Chemist
Scrogum, Joy Joann Assistant Scientist, Sustainability
Varghese Kaleeckal, Bajio Technical Lead - Pipeline & Infrastructure
Assistant Research Scientist, Project Engineer
Walker, Troy Lamont Technical Assistance Engineer
Wilken, Grace Academic Hourly - Research
Zaborowski, Eliah Visiting Scientific Specialist, Engineer
Zhao, Linduo Assistant Research Scientist, Biogeochemistry
Zheng, Wei Principal Research Scientist, Environmental Chemistry
Zlevor, Irene F Program Coordinator