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Kross, Chelsea Shannon

Quantitative Ecologist

Address and Contact Information

20003 N CR 1770E
Havana, IL  62644

Research Biography


  • PhD Biology, University of Arkansas 2020
  • MS Biology, Eastern Kentucky University 2014
  • BS Biology, University of South Carolina 2011

Research Interests

I am a freshwater ecologist with research interests in applied ecology and understanding the effects of environmental stressors on animal populations.

Selected Publications

Kross, C.S., and J.D. Willson. In Press. Land-use alters the form of density dependence to increase extinction risk in a grassland amphibian. Animal Conservation.

Kross, C.S., and J.D. Willson. 2022. Population decline and landscape-scale occupancy of the Crawfish Frog (Lithobates areolatus) in Northwest Arkansas. Ichthyology and Herpetology. 110:50-58.

Kross, C.S., A.K. Dodd, P.L. Mariage*, and J.D. Willson. 2020. Timing of oviposition influences the effects of non-native vegetation on amphibian development. Oecologia. 194:113-122.
Swartwout, M.C., P.N. Vogrinc, J.A. Baecher, C.S. Kross, and J.D. Willson. 2020. Prey size and growth rate do not influence trophic morphology of juvenile water snakes (Nerodia sipedon). Herpetologica. 76:53-60.

Baecher, J.A., P.N. Vogrinc, J.C. Guzy, C.S. Kross, and J.D. Willson. 2018. Herpetofaunal communities in restored and degraded remnant tallgrass prairie wetlands in Arkansas. Wetlands. 38:157-168.

Bush, C., J. Guzy, K. Halloran, M. Swartwout, C.S. Kross, and J.D. Willson. 2017. Distribution and abundance of introduced seal salamanders (Desmognathus monticola) in Northwest Arkansas, USA. Copeia (Now Ichthyology and Herpetology). 105:680–690 Awarded best student paper in Copeia!
Kross, C.S., and S.C. Richter. 2016. Interactions between eastern newts and wood frogs in an anthropogenically altered wetland system in eastern Kentucky. Wetlands. 36:385–393.
Richter, S.C., S.J. Price, C.S. Kross, J. Alexander, and M. Dorcas. 2013. Upland habitat quality and historic landscape composition influence genetic variation of a pond-breeding salamander. Diversity. 5: 724–733.
Richter, S.C., A.N. Drayer, J.R. Strong, C.S. Kross, M.J. Gray, and D.L. Miller. 2013. High prevalence of ranavirus infection in permanent constructed wetlands in eastern Kentucky, USA. Herpetological Review. 44: 464–466.

‚ÄčKross, C.S., M. Carnes-Mason, J. Hickle, B. Singleton*, and J.D. Willson. 2018. Lampropeltis calligaster. Maximum Size. Herpetological Review. 49:754-755.

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