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Miller, Craig A

Principal Research Scientist, Human Dimensions

Address and Contact Information

1816 S. Oak Street
Human Dimensions
1816 S. Oak St.
Champaign, IL  61820

Research Interests

My research focuses on understanding the social-psychological aspects of stakeholder positions on natural resources management and policy and human-wildlife interactions. To this end, analyzing values, beliefs, attitudes and behavioral intentions of stakeholders allows for understanding preferences, support, and actions associated with existing or potential management programs and issues. I conduct scientific survey research in two main contexts: 1) policies and regulatory issues affecting consumptive users of wildlife resources and 2) environmental and natural resource problems and issues facing a wide range of stakeholders. These studies are applied research intend to inform management agencies and organizations.

Current projects include: 

  • Human dimensions surrounding chronic wasting disease in Illinois
  • Effects of waterfowl harvest accuracy on Adaptive Harvest Management
  • Preferences of consumptive wildlife stakeholders regarding regulatory changes

Research interests:

  • Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Natural Resources
  • Natural Resources Policy and Management
  • Human-Wildlife Interactions

Research Biography

Professional Affiliations

Illini Chapter, The Wildlife Society - Faculty Advisor

The Wildlife Society

Wetlands International

Selected Publications

 Vaske, J.J. and C.A. Miller. 2019. Deer hunters’ disease risk sensitivity of time. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 25 (3):217-230.

Landon, A.C., C.A. Miller, and B.D. Williams. 2019. Assessing Illinois residents’ support for natural recolonization of apex predators. Environmental Management, 62: 260-269.

Landon, A.C., M.H. Jacobs, C.A. Miller, J.J. Vaske, and B.S. Williams, 2019. Cognitive and affective predictors of Illinois residents’ perceived risks from Gray Wolves. Society and Natural Resources, DOI: 10.1080/08941920.2019.1664680.

Zhang, X. and C.A. Miller. 2019. Associations between socioeconomic status and hunting license sales among census tracts in Cook County, Illinois. Human Dimensions of Wildlife,  24 (2):148-158.

Vaske, J.J., C.A. Miller, T.T. Toombs, L.A. Schweizer, and K.A. Powlen. 2018. Farmers’ value orientations, property rights and responsibilities, and willingness to Adopt Leopold’s Land Ethic. Society and Natural Resources, 3 (10): 1118-1131.

Vaske, J.J., C.A. Miller, A. Ashbrook, and M.D. Needham. 2018. Proximity to chronic wasting disease, perceived risk, and social trust in the managing agency. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 23 (2): 115-128.

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