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Kim, Jaemin

Assistant Research Scientist, Materials Scientist

Address and Contact Information

1 E Hazelwood Dr
M/C 676
Champaign, IL  61820

Research Biography


Dr. Jaemin Kim joined the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) in 2018 as a Research Scientist – Materials Scientist. Jaemin Kim’s research broadly encompasses catalytic materials, with a particular focus on sustainable energy technologies.

Prior to joining the ISTC, he has worked to elucidate the electrocatalytic properties of the diverse nanocrystal structures, and the superprotonic phase transition of the solid acid electrolytes under nanoscale confinement for fuel cell applications. His more recent work on water dissociation for hydrogen generation demonstrated a new class of electrocatalysts with high efficiency and durability. He discovered that the catalytic efficacy could be importantly determined by the local geometric structure of the catalyst, leading a promising strategy in designing and optimizing the electrocatalysts.

His research area has been broadened after joining ISTC and primarily focused on the electrochemical degradation of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances associated with environmental pollution.


  • B.Sc. in Chemistry (1999), Seoul National University (Korea)
  • M.S. in Physical Chemistry (2003), Seoul National University (Korea)
  • Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry (2009), Brown University

Prior Professional Experience

  • Postdoctoral Scholar, Applied Physics and Materials Science, Caltech (2009-2013)
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, UIUC (2013-2018)
  • Research Scientist, ISTC at PRI, UIUC (2018- present)

Research Interests

The overall research goal is to develop the catalytically active materials with matters of cost and efficiency, where the characterization of the intrinsic materials properties is a key step towards designing materials with exceptional properties and applicability in sustainable energy technologies.

  • Electrochemical Oxidation of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
  • Electrocatalytic Water-splitting Reaction
  • Solar-driven Thermochemical Fuel Production
  • Thermocatalytic Chemical Conversion

Selected Publications

  • *** Jaemin Kim, Pei-Chieh Shih, Yao Qin, Zaid Al-Bardan, Cheng-Jun Sun, and Hong Yang, “Porous pyrochlore Y2[Ru1.6Y0.4]O7-δ electrocatalyst for enhanced performance towards oxygen evolution reaction in acid media,” Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2018, 57, 13877.
  • Pei-Chieh Shih, Jaemin Kim, Cheng-Jun Sun, and Hong Yang, “Single-phase Pyrochlore Y2Ir2O7 electrocatalyst on the activity of oxygen evolution reaction,” ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2018, 1, 3992.
  • ** Jaemin Kim, Xuxia Chen, Pei-Chieh Shih, and Hong Yang, “Porous perovskite-type lanthanum cobaltite as electrocatalysts toward oxygen evolution reaction,” ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2017, 5, 10910.
  • Jaemin Kim, Pei-Chieh Shih, Kai-Chieh Tsao, Yung-Tin Pan, Xi Yin, Cheng-Jun Sun, and Hong Yang, “High-performance pyrochlore-type yttrium ruthenate electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction in acidic media,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017, 139, 12076.
  • Jaemin Kim, Xuxia Chen, Yung-Tin Pan, Pei-Chieh Shih, and Hong Yang, “W-doped CaMnO2.5 and CaMnO3electrocatalysts for enhanced performance in oxygen evolution and reduction reactions,” Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2017, 164, F1074.
  • Fengjuan Zhu, Jaemin Kim, Kai-Chieh Tsao, Junliang Zhang, and Hong Yang, “Recent development in the preparation of nanoparticles as fuel cell catalysts,” Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, 2015, 8, 89.
  • Jaemin Kim, Xi Yin, Kai-Chieh Tsao, Shaohua Fang, and Hong Yang, “Ca2Mn2O5 as oxygen-deficient perovskite electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014, 136, 14646.
  • Jaemin Kim, Youngmin Lee, and Shouheng Sun, “Structurally ordered FePt nanoparticles and their enhanced catalysis for oxygen reduction reaction,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, 132, 4996.
  • Sang Bok Kim, Chen Cai, Jaemin Kim, Shouheng Sun, and Dwight A. Sweigart, “Surface modification of Fe3O4 and FePt magnetic nanoparticles with organometallic complexes,” Organometallics, 2009, 28, 5341.
  • Chenjie Xu, Zhenglong Yuan, Nathan Kohler, Jaemin Kim, Maureen A. Chung, and Shouheng Sun, “FePt nanoparticles as an Fe reservoir for controlled Fe release and tumor inhibition,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2009, 131, 15346.
  • Ying Liu, Sheng Peng, Yong Ding, Chuanbing Rong, Jaemin Kim, J. Ping Liu, Zhong Lin Wang, and Shouheng Sun, “Synthesis and Characterization of Ferroferriborate (Fe3BO5) Nanorods,” Advanced Functional Materials, 2009, 19, 3146.
  • Jaemin Kim, Chuanbing Rong, J. Ping Liu, and Shouheng Sun, “Dispersible ferromagnetic FePt nanoparticles,” Advanced Materials, 2009, 21, 906.
  • Jaemin Kim, Youngmin Lee, J. Ping Liu, and Shouheng Sun, “From core/shell structured FePt/Fe3O4/MgO to ferromagnetic FePt nanoparticles,” Chemistry of Materials, 2008, 20, 7242.
  • Wei Chen, Jaemin Kim, Shouheng Sun, and Shaowei Chen “Electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen by FePt alloy nanoparticles,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2008, 112, 3891.
  • * Chao Wang, Yanglong Hou, Jaemin Kim, and Shouheng Sun, “A general strategy for synthesizing FePt nanowires and nanorods,” Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2007, 46, 6333.
  • Chao Wang, Hideo Daimon, Youngmin Lee, Jaemin Kim, and Shouheng Sun, “Synthesis of monodisperse Pt nanocubes and their enhanced catalysis for oxygen reduction,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2007, 129, 6974.
  • Wei Chen, Jaemin Kim, Shouheng Sun, and Shaowei Chen “Composition effects of FePt alloy nanoparticles on the electro-oxidation of formic acid,” Langmuir, 2007, 23, 11303.
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  • Wei Chen, Jaemin Kim, Shouheng Sun, and Shaowei Chen, “Electro-oxidation of formic acid catalyzed by FePt nanoparticles,” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2006, 8, 2779.
  • Min Chen, Jaemin Kim, J. Ping Liu, Hongyou Fan, and Shouheng Sun, “Synthesis of FePt nanocubes and their oriented self-assembly,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2006, 128, 7132.
  • Jinuk Lee, Seongeun Yang, Jaemin Kim, and Sangyoub Lee, “An efficient molecular dynamics simulation method for calculating the diffusion-influenced reaction rates,” The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2004, 120, 7564.

Note: * denotes selection as VIP in Angewandte Chemie International Edition; Media-released on APS-Physics, Technology Review (MIT) and Brown University News, etc.
** denotes selection as a featured article (Novel Catalytic Materials in Energy and the Environment) from the editorial board in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.
*** denotes release to more than 10 media such as,, and Illinois News Bureau, etc.

Book Chapters

  • Sheng Peng, Jaemin Kim, and Shouheng Sun, “Chemical Synthesis, Self-Assembly and Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles,” Annual Reviews of Nano Research, the World Scientific Publishing Co., 2009.


  • Hong Yang, Jaemin Kim, Pei-Chieh Shih, and Qin Yao, “Electrocatalyst for Acidic Media and Method of Making an Electrocatalyst for Acidic Media,” 2016, United States Patent Publication No. US-2016-0340791-A1.
  • Hong Yang and Jaemin Kim, “High Performance Electrocatalysts,” 2014, United States Provisional Patent Application No. 62/036,615.

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