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Corush, Joel B

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Address and Contact Information

1816 S. Oak St.
M/C 652
Champaign, IL  61820
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Ph.D. University of Tennessee - Knoxville

B.A. Drake University

Academic Positions

3/21- Present.    Postdoctoral research fellow. Illinois Natural History Survey at University of Illinois Urban-Champaign, Champaign, IL

9/18- 2/21           Postdoctoral research fellow. Wayne State University, Department of Biology, Detroit, MI

Research Interests

Ichthyology, hybridization, biogeography, trait evolution, population genetics, conservation genetics

Selected Publications

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Booth, W., Levine, B. A., Corush, J. B., Davis, M. A., Dwyer, Q., De Plecker, R., & Schuett, G. W. (2023). Discovery of facultative parthenogenesis in a new world crocodile. Biology Letters, 19(6), 20230129.

Corush, J.B. and Zhang, J. (2022) One size does not fit all: Variation in anatomical traits associated with emersion behavior in mudskippers (Gobiidae: Oxudercinae). Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 10:967067 doi: 10.3389/fevo.2022.967067

Li X, Qi J, Corush JB, Chen J and Zhang J (2022) A chromosome-level genome assembly of the Walking goby (Scartelaos histophorus). Front. Mar. Sci. 9:966275. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.966275

Corush, J.B., Pierson, T., Shiao, J.C., Katayama, Y., Zhang, J., Fitzpatrick, B.M. (2022). Amphibious mudskipper populations are genetically connected along coastlines, but differentiated across water. Journal of Biogeography, 49(4), 767-779

Qi, S., Shi, E., Zhang, B., Chen, X., Xing, J., Furumitsu, K., Corush, J. B., Yamaguchi, A., Zhang, J. (2022). Population structure and demographic history of the pale-edged stingray, Telatrygon zugei (Elasmobranchii, Dasyatidae), from the Indo-West Pacific. Integrative Zoology (

Corush, J. B., Fitzpatrick, B. M., Wolfe, E. L.*, & Keck, B. P. (2021). Breeding behaviour predicts patterns of natural hybridization in North American minnows (Cyprinidae). Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 34(3), 486-500.

Corush, J.B. (2019). Evolutionary patterns of diadromy in fishes: more than a transitional state between marine and freshwater. BMC Evolutionary Biology 19(168)

Fitzpatrick, B. M., Ryan, M. E., Johnson, J. R., Corush, J., & Carter, E. T. (2015). Hybridization and the species problem in conservation. Current Zoology, 61(1), 206-216.

Turner, C. R., Miller, D. J., Coyne, K. J., & Corush, J. (2014). Improved methods for capture, extraction, and quantitative assay of environmental DNA from Asian bigheaded carp (Hypophthalmichthys spp.). PloS one, 9(12), e114329.

Jerde, C. L., Chadderton, W. L., Mahon, A. R., Renshaw, M. A., Corush, J., Budny, M. L., & Lodge, D. M. (2013). Detection of Asian carp DNA as part of a Great Lakes basin-wide surveillance program. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 70(4), 522-526.

Ting N., Astaras, C., Hearn, G., Corush, J., Burrell, A.S., Puillips, N., Morgan, B.J., Gadby, E.L., Raaum, R., Roos, C. (2012). Genetic signatures of a demographic collapse in a large-bodied forest dwelling primate (Mandrillus leucophaeus). Ecology and Evolution 2(3): 550-561

Elix, J.A., Corush, J., & Lumbsch, H.T. (2009). Triterpene chemosyndromes and subtle morphological characters characterize lineages in the Physcia aipolia group in Australia (Ascomycota). Systematics and Biodiversity 7 (4): 479-487

Papong, K., Corush, J., Mangold, A., L├╝cking, R., & Lumbsch, H.T. (2009). Phylogenetic position of the foliicolous genus Chroodiscus (Ostropales, Ascomycota) inferred from nuclear and mitochondrial ribosomal DNA sequences. Fungal Diversity 38: 147-153


2022    USGS Water Resources Research Act Program. PI: Joel Corush. Co-PIs: Mark Davis, Eric Larson, Teresa Newton, Diane Waller

2022     IL Dept. of Natural Resources. PI: Milton Tan. Co-PIs: Joel Corush, Mark David and Matthew L Niemiller.

2020     Belle Isle Aquarium: Sharon L. Ram Aquatic Sciences Fund, 

2016     NSF-EAPSI Fellowship - China

2014     NSF-EAPSI Fellowship -Taiwan

2013     Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid

2013     McClure Grant for International Research

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