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Jog, Suneeti

Associate Research Scientist, Wetland Plant Ecology
Affiliate Faculty, Natural Resources and Environmental Science
Faculty, Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology

Address and Contact Information

1816 S. Oak St.
M/C 652
Champaign, IL  61820

Research Interests

  • wetland plant ecology
  • wetland bioassessment
  • plant taxonomy
  • floristics

Research Biography

Academic Positions

  • Assistant Professor and Herbarium Curator, Biological Sciences, Murray State University
  • Associate Professor and Curator, Natural Sciences, Notheastern State University
  • Assistant Professor and Curator, Natural Sciences, Northeastern State University
  • Assistant Professor and Herbarium Curator, Biology, University of Texas at Tyler
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Kansas Biological Survey, University of Kansas

Courses Taught

  • Spring Local Flora (NRES 285/499) UIUC
  • Dendrology and Forest Conservation (BIO 554/654) MSU
  • Botany: Plant Form and Function (BIO 222) MSU
  • Evolution and Diversity (BIOL 1123) NSU
  • Introductory Biology II (BIOL 1023) NSU
  • Investigative Lab (BIOL 1131) NSU
  • Plant Biology (BIOL 3003 and BIOL 3003L) NSU
  • Evolution of Land Plants (BIOL 3133 and BIOL 3133L) NSU
  • Oklahoma Flora (BIOL 3213 and BIOL 3213L) NSU
  • Forest Botany (BIOL 3433 and BIOL 3433L) NSU
  • Field Botany (BIOL 3464 and BIOL 3464L) NSU, KU
  • Systematic Botany (BIOL 4114/5114 and BIOL 4114L/5114L) NSU
  • Senior Seminar (BIOL 4621) NSU
  • Graduate Seminar (BIOL 5511) NSU
  • Plants and People (BIOL 4503/5503) NSU
  • Plant Taxonomy (BIOL 3147 and 3188) UTT
  • Plant Morphology (BIOL 3345 and 3348) UTT
  • Biogeography (BIOL 4304/5304) UTT


Ph.D. Regulatory Biology, Cleveland State University 2004

MSc. Botany (Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding), University of Mumabi, 1997

BSc. Botany University of Mumbai, 1995

Selected Publications

Bried, J. T and S. K. Jog. 2022. Nonnative species limitation of floristic quality scores in wetland mitigation performance and multimetric health assessment. Wetlands 42(1): 3.

Bried, J. T., T. S Fouts, and S. K. Jog. 2021. Searching for indicator species of high floristic quality depressional wetlands in the U.S. southern plains. Wetlands 41(7): 96.

Jog, S. K and J. T. Bried. 2021. Taxonomic distinctness poorly reflects floristic quality in a wetland study system. Ecological Indicators 121: 107086.

Bried, J. T., T. S Fouts, and S. K. Jog. 2019. Enhanced indicator species performance with increasing contexualization. Conservation Science and Practice 1(12): e127.

Jog, S. K, J. T. Bried, X. Feng, A. Dzialowski, C. Davis, and M. Papes. 2017. Can land use indicate wetland floristic quality and taxonomic distinctness? Ecological Indicators 78: 331-339.

Bried, J. T, S. K. Jog, C. A. Davis, and A. R. Dzialowski. 2016. Rapid buffer assessment fails to predict and classify wetland floristic quality in Oklahoma. Wetlands 36: 799-805.

Bried, J. T, S. K. Jog, A. R. Dzialowski and C. A. Davis. 2014. Vegetation criteria for identifying potential reference-quality wetlands in the south-central United States. Wetlands 34: 1159-1169.

Bried, J. T, S. K. Jog, and J. W. Matthews. 2013. Floristic quality assessment signals human disturbance over natural variability in a wetland system. Ecological Indicators 34: 260-267


Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Plant Taxonomists
  • Natural Areas Association
  • Illinois Native Plant Society

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