Schaefer, Kimberly A


Address and Contact Information

209 Nuclear Physics Laboratory
M/C 571
23 E. Stadium Dr.
Champaign, IL  61820


B.A. Magna Cum Laude, Washington University
Ph.D. Department of Anthropology, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

Professional Affiliations

Midwest Archaeological Conference
Southeastern Archaeological Conference
Illinois Archaeological Survey

Research Interests

Archaeobotany, foodways, prehistoric, foraging, plant domestication, the spread of agriculture, Mississippian agriculture, gender

Selected Publications

2014 Recent Radiocarbon Dates on Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) from Illinois. Paper presented at the 2014 Midwest Archaeological Conference, Champaign, IL. October 2014.

2011 Corn on the Coast: An Archaeobotanical Study of Prehistoric Coastal North Carolina. Paper presented at the 2011 Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Jacksonville, FL. November 2011.

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