Johnson, Kevin P

Principal Ornithologist

Address and Contact Information

284 Nat Res Bldg
1816 S. Oak St.
Champaign, IL  61820

Current Projects

Further Studies Ornithologist; INHS Curator of Birds

Research Biography

Research Interests

Host parasite systems provide an opportunity to study the interface between microevolutionary processes and macroevolutionary patterns. The goals of my current research center around recovering the coevolutionary history of birds and their ectoparasitic lice. The degree of cospeciation varies across different groups of lice. 

Professional Affiliations

Society of Systematic Biologists, American Ornithologists Union, American Society of Naturalists, Society for the Study of Evolution, Animal Behavior Society, International Society for Behavioral Ecology, Cooper Ornithological Society

Selected Publications

Johnson, K. P., B. L. Williams, D. M. Drown, R. J. Adams, and D. H. Clayton. 2002. The population genetics of host specificity: Genetic differentiation in dove lice (Insecta: Phthiraptera). Molecular Ecology 11:25-38.
Johnson, K. P., D. M. Drown, D. H. Clayton. 2001. A data based parsimony method of cophylogenetic analysis. Zoologica Scripta 30:79-87.
Johnson, K. P. 2001. Taxon sampling and the phylogenetic position of Passeriformes: Evidence from 916 avian cytochrome b sequences. Systematic Biology 50: 128-136.
Johnson, K. P. and J. Seger. 2001. Elevated rates of nonsynonymous substitutions in island birds. Molecular Biology and Evolution 18:874-881.
Johnson, K. P., F. R. Adler, and J. L. Cherry. 2000. Genetic and phylogenetic consequences of island biogeography. Evolution 54:387-396.

Other campus affiliations

Department of Animal Biology, Department of Entomology, and Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Illinois
Field Museum of Natural History: Birds

Selected Service Activities

Program Chair Society of Systematic Biologists


PhD, Ecology, University of Minnesota, 1997

BS, Biology, Bethel College, St Paul MN, 1991

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