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Allen, Maximilian

Assistant Research Scientist, Wildlife Ecology

Address and Contact Information

2021 Forbes Natural History Building
1816 S. Oak St.
M/C 652
Champaign, IL  61820

Selected Publications

Allen, M.L., M. Sibarini and M. Krofel. In PressPredicting preferred prey of Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae) via spatiotemporal overlap. Oryx: doi:10.1017/S0030605319000577.

Cove, M.V., et al. In Press. SNAPSHOT USA 2019: the first coordinated national camera trap survey of the United States. Ecology.

Allen, M.L., S. Wang, L. Olson, Q. Li, and M. Krofel. 2020. Counting cats for conservation: seasonal estimates of leopard density and drivers of distribution in the Serengeti. Biodiversity and Conservation 29: 3591–3608.

Allen, M.L., M. Sibarini, L. Utoyo, and M. Krofel. 2020. Terrestrial mammal community richness and temporal overlap between tigers and other carnivores in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Sumatra. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation 43.1: 97–107.

Inagaki, A., M.L. Allen, T, Maruyama, K. Yamazaki, K. Tochigi, T. Naganuma, and K. Shinsuke. 2020. Vertebrate scavenger guild composition and utilization of carrion in an East Asian temperate forest. Ecology and Evolution DOI: 10.1002/ece3.5976.

Nickel, B. A., J. Suraci, M.L. Allen, and C.C. Wilmers. 2020. Human presence and human footprint have non-equivalent effects on wildlife spatiotemporal habitat use. Biological Conservation 241: 108383.

Sebastián-González, et al. 2020. Network structure of vertebrate scavenger assemblages is driven by ecosystem productivity and human impact at a global scale. Ecography: 43: 1143–1155.

Yovovich, V., M.L. Allen, L. Macauley and C.C. Wilmers. 2020. Using spatial characteristics of apex carnivore reproductive behaviors to inform conservation planning. Biodiversity and Conservation 29: 2589-2603.

Allen, M.L., R.E. Harris, L. Olson, E. Olson, J. Van Stappen, T.R. Van Deelen. 2019. Resource limitations and competitive interactions affect carnivore community composition at different ecological scales in a temperate island system. Mammalia 83: 552–561.

Mueller, M.M., D. Drake, and M.L. Allen. 2019. Using citizen science to inform urban canid management in Madison, Wisconsin. Landscape and Urban Planning 189: 362-371.

Sebastián-González, E., et al. 2019. Scavenging in the Anthropocene: human impact drives vertebrate scavenger species richness on a global scale. Global Change Biology 25: 3005–3017.

Allen, M.L., A.S. Norton, G. Stauffer, N.M. Roberts, Y. Luo, Q. Li, D. MacFarland, and T.R. Van Deelen. 2018. A Bayesian state-space model using age-at-harvest data for estimating the population of black bears (Ursus americanus) in Wisconsin. Scientific Reports 8: 12440.

Allen, M.L., B. Peterson, and M. Krofel. 2018. No respect for apex carnivores: Distribution and activity patterns of honey badgers in the Serengeti. Mammalian Biology 89: 90–94.

Mueller, M.M., D. Drake, and M.L. Allen. 2018. Coexistence of coyotes (Canis latrans) and red foxes (Vulpes Vulpes) in an urban landscape. PLoS One 13: e0190971.

Allen, M.L., L. Hocevar, and M. Krofel. 2017. Where to leave a message? The selection and adaptive significance of scent-marking sites for Eurasian lynx. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 71: 136.

Allen, M.L., M.S. Gunther and C.C. Wilmers. 2017. The scent of your enemy is my friend? The acquisition of large carnivore scent by a smaller carnivore. Journal of Ethology 35: 13–19.

Allen, M.L., C.C. Wilmers, L.M. Elbroch, J.M. Golla, and H.U. Wittmer. 2016. The importance of motivation, weapons and foul odors in driving encounter competition in carnivores. Ecology 97: 1905–1912.

Allen, M.L., H.U. Wittmer, E. Setiawan, S. Jaffe, and A.J. Marshall. 2016. Scent marking in Sunda clouded leopards (Neofelis diardi): novel observations close a key gap in understanding felid communication behaviours. Scientific Reports 6: 35433.

Allen, M.L., L.M. Elbroch, C.C. Wilmers, and H.U. Wittmer. 2015. The comparative effects of large carnivores on the acquisition of carrion by scavengers. American Naturalist 185: 822–833.

Allen, M.L., C.F. Wallace, and C.C. Wilmers. 2015. Patterns in bobcat (Lynx rufus) scent marking and communication behaviors. Journal of Ethology 33: 9–14.

Wang, Y., M.L. Allen, and C.C. Wilmers. 2015. Mesopredator spatial and temporal responses to large predators and human development in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Biological Conservation 190: 23–33.

Allen, M.L., H.U. Wittmer, and C.C. Wilmers. 2014. Puma scrape and communication behaviors: understanding functional use and variation by sex and age. Behaviour 151: 819–840.

Allen, M.L., L.M. Elbroch, D.S. Casady, and H.U. Wittmer. 2014. Seasonal variation in the feeding ecology of pumas (Puma concolor) in northern California. Canadian Journal of Zoology 92: 397–403.

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