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Farkas, Michael G

Associate Research Scientist, Archaeological Data

Address and Contact Information

23 E. Stadium Drive
M/C 571
209 Nuclear Physics Lab
Champaign, IL  61820

Research Interests

Geographic Information Systems
Database design
Data Curation
Archaeology of Eastern North America, particularly the Midwest


Professional Affiliations

Member, Illinois Geographic Information Systems Association (ILGISA)
Member, The Midwest Archaeological Conference
Member, The Illinois Archaeological Survey


Mike joined the Illinois State Archaeological Survey in 1998 as a field supervisor with the program’s Western Illinois Survey Division where he conducted Phase 1 surveys, supervised small testing projects, and assisted on numerous excavations. He has led ISAS's GIS and Data section since 2000. He is also a current Graduate Student at the University of Illinois where he is pursuing a M.S. degree through the school of Information Sciences with a focus on digital data curation and management. 

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