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Miernicki, Liz

Assistant Scientist, Wetland Soils

Address and Contact Information

1816 S. Oak Street
M/C 652
Champaign, IL  61820


M.S., Crop Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2017

B.S., Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2015

Courses Taught

Current Courses:

AGB 200 - Intro to Soil Science (Parkland College)

NRES 285 SJC - Soil Judging Field Experience (University of Illinois)

Selected Publications

Chavez, E.F., Wade, J., Miernicki, E.A., Torres, M., Stanek, E.C., SubÍa, C.R., Caicedo, C., Tinoco, L., Margenot, A.J., 2021. Ecuadorian Amazon Robusta coffee yields under input and leguminous shade trees. Agronomy Journal; 1-14.

Miernicki, E.A., Heald, A.L., Huff, K.D., Brooks, C.S., Margenot, A.J., 2020. Nuclear waste heat use in agriculture: History and opportunities in the United States. Journal of Cleaner Production, 267, Article 121918.

Wade, J., Maltais-Landry, G., Lucas, D.E., Bongiorno, G., Bowles, T.M., Calderón, F.J., Culman, S.W., Daughtridge, R., Ernakovich, J.G., Fonte, S.J., Giang, D., Herman, B.L., Guan, L., Jastrow, J.D., Loh, B.H. H., Kelly, C., Mann, M.E., Matamala, R., Miernicki, E.A., Peterson, B., Pulleman, M.M., Scow, K.M., Snapp, S.S., Thomas, V., Tu, X., Wang, D., Jelinski, N.A., Liles, G.C., Barrios- Masias, F.H., Rippner, D.A., Silveira, M.L., Margenot, A.J., 2020. Assessing the sensitivity and repeatability of permanganate oxidizable carbon as a soil health metric: An interlab comparison across soils. Geoderma, 366, Article 114235.

Miernicki, E.A., Lovell, S.T., Wortman, S.E., 2018. Raised Beds for Vegetable Production in Urban Agriculture. Urban Agriculture & Regional Food Systems, 3(1): 1-10.

Wortman, S.E., Holmes, A.A., Miernicki, E., Knoche, K., Pittelkow, C.M., 2017. First- Season Crop Yield Response to Organic Soil Amendments: A Meta-Analysis. Agronomy Journal, 109(4): 1210-1217.

Professional Affiliations

Nominations Committee Chair, Past President of the Illinois Soil Classifiers Association

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