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Osborn, Joshua M

Assistant Research Scientist, Waterbird Ecology
Facilities Manager

Address and Contact Information

20003 N CR 1770E
Havana, IL  62644

Research Interests

My research interests include wetland and waterbird ecology, specifically studies with habitat management implications at mid-migration and southern latitudes.

As a waterbird ecologist at the Forbes Biological Station I conduct wetland and waterbird research in Illinois. Currently I am the observer for the FBS aerial waterfowl inventory, which occurs during fall and spring migration along the Illinois and central Mississippi rivers. I also conduct aerial survey of fall- and spring-migrating shorebirds along the Illinois river. I train, mentor, and work alongside techinicans, graduate students, and staff on myriad research projects throughout the Midwest. As facilities manager I coordinate the maintenance and dat-to-day operations of the Forbes lab and our equipment. I acquire and maintain the FBS research permits, including our USGS master banding permit.

Research Biography


MS, Wildlife Science, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 2015

BS, Wildlife Science, Mississippi State University, 2011

Selected Publications

Osborn, J.M., H.M. Hagy, M.D. McClanahan, J.B. Davis, and M.J. Gray. 2021. Habitat selection and foraging strategy of American black ducks Anas rubripes wintering in Tennessee. Wildfowl (In press).

McClanahan, M.D., J.M. Osborn, H.M. Hagy, J.B. Davis, R.M. Wheat, and M.J. Gray. 2021. Alligatorweed control in seasonal wetlands. Journal of the Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (In press).

Klimas, S.K., J.M. Osborn, D.C. Osborne, J.D. Lancaster, C.N. Jaques, A.P. Yetter, and H.M. Hagy. 2020. Body condition of spring-migrating green-winged teal. Canadian Journal of Zoology 98:96–104.

Merrill, L., J.M. Levengood, Hagy, H.M., J.M. Osborn, L. Merrill, and J.C. England. 2018. Blood parasite infection linked to condition of spring-migrating lesser scaup. Canadian Journal of Zoology 96:1145–1152.

Osborn, J.M., H.M. Hagy, McClanahan, M.D., and M.J. Gray. 2017. Habitat selection and activities of dabbling ducks during non-breeding periods. Journal of Wildlife Management.81:1482–1493.

Osborn, J.M., H.M. Hagy, M.D. McClanahan, and M.J. Gray. 2017. Temporally-robust models for predicting seed yield of moist-soil plants. Wildlife Society Bulletin 41:157–161.

England, J.C., J.M. Levengood, J.M Osborn, A.P. Yetter, J.M. Kinsella, R.A. Cole, C.D. Suski, and H.M. Hagy. 2016. Spatiotemporal distributions of intestinal helminths from female lesser scaup Aythya affinis during spring migration in the upper Midwest, USA. Journal of Helminthology 91:479–490.

England, J.C., J.M. Levengood, J.M. Osborn, A.P. Yetter, C.D. Suski, R.A. Cole, and H.M. Hagy. 2018. Associations of Intestinal Helminth Infections with Health Parameters of Spring-Migrating Female Lesser Scaup (Aythya affinis) in the Upper Midwest, USA. Parisitology Research 117:1877–1890.


Professional Affiliations

The Wildlife Society

Illinois Chapter, TWS

Society of Wetland Scientists

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