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Peterson, Scot Dale

Assistant Research Scientist, Aquatic Ecology

Address and Contact Information

Lake Michigan Biological Station
400 17th Street
M/C 652
Zion, IL  60099

Research Interests

Ecology of fish, zooplankton, and invertebrate communities along the Illinois shoreline of Lake Michigan


Research Biography


M.S. Watershed Science, Watershed Studies Institute, Murray State University, 2015

B.A. Biological Sciences, Southern Illinois University- Carbondale, 2000

Honors and Awards

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2012-2015

Murray State Graduate Innovation Assistantship, 2011-2012

Professional Affiliations

Society for Freshwater Science/ North American Benthological Society

Ecological Society of America

Selected Publications

Norman, B.C., M.R. Whiles, S.M. Collins, A.S. Flecker, S.K. Hamilton, S. Johnson, E.J. Rosi-Marshall, L.R. Ashkenas, W.B. Bowden, C.L. Crenshaw, T. Crowl, W.K. Dodds, R.O. Hall, R. El-Sabaawi, N.A. Griffiths, E. Marti, W.H. McDowell, S.D. Peterson, H.M. Rantala, T. Riis, K.S. Simon, J.L. Tank, S.A. Thomas, D. von Schiller, and J.R. Webster.  2017.  Continent-scale patterns of nitrogen cycling efficiencies in headwater stream food webs.  Ecology 98: 3044-3055.

Rantala, H.M., A.M. Nelson, J.N. Fulgoni, M.R. Whiles, R.O. Hall, Jr., W.K. Dodds, P. Verberg, A.D. Huryn, C.M. Pringle, S.S. Kilham, K.R. Lips, C. Colon-Gaud A.T. Rugenski, S.D. Peterson, K. Fritz, K.E. McLeran, and S. Connelly.  2015.  Long-term changes in structure and function of a tropical headwater stream following a disease-driven amphibian decline.  Freshwater Biology 60: 575-589.

Dodds, W.K., S.M. Collins, S.K. Hamilton, J.L. Tank, S. Johnson, J.R. Webster, K.S. Simon, M.R. Whiles, H.M. Rantala, W.H. McDowell, S.D. Peterson, T. Riis, C.L. Crenshaw, S.A. Thomas, P.B. Kristensen, B.M. Cheever, A.S. Flecker, N.A. Griffiths, T. Crowl, E.J. Rosi-Marshall, R. El-Sabaawi, and E. Marti.  2014.  You are not always what we think you eat: selective assimilation across multiple whole-stream isotopic tracer studies.  Ecology 95: 2757-2767.

Whiles, M.R., R.O. Hall, W.K. Dodds, P. Verburg, A.D. Huryn, C.M. Pringle, K.R. Lips, S.S. Kilham, C. Colon-Gaud, A.T. Rugenski, S. Peterson, and S. Connelly.  2013.  Disease-driven amphibian declines alter ecosystem processes in a tropical stream.  Ecosystems 16: 146-157.

Meyer, C.K., S.D. Peterson, and M.R. Whiles.  2011.  Quantitative assessment of yield, precision, and cost-effectiveness of three wetland invertebrate sampling techniques.  Wetlands 31: 101-112.

Colon-Gaud, J.C., M.R. Whiles, K.R. Lips, C.M. Pringle, S.S. Kilham, S. Connelly, R. Brenes, and S.D. Peterson.  2010.  Stream invertebrate responses to a catastrophic decline in consumer diversity.  Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29: 1185-1198.

Colon-Gaud, J.C., M.R. Whiles, R. Brenes, S.S. Kilham, K.R. Lips, C.M. Pringle, S. Connelly, and S.D. Peterson.  2010.  Potential functional redundancy and resource facilitation between tadpoles and insect grazers in tropical headwater streams.  Freshwater Biology 55: 2077-2088.

Whiles, M.R., M.I. Gladyshev, N.N. Sushchik, O.N. Makhutova, G.S.Kalachova, S.D. Peterson, and K.J. Regester.  2010.  Fatty acid analyses reveal high degrees of omnivory and dietary plasticity in pond-dwelling tadpoles.  Freshwater Biology 55: 1533-1547.

Colon-Gaud, J.C., M.R. Whiles, S.S. Kilham, K.R. Lips, C.M. Pringle, S. Connelly, and S.D. Peterson.  2009.  Assessing ecological responses to catastrophic amphibian declines: patterns of macroinvertebrate production and food web structure in upland Panamanian streams.  Limnology and Oceanography 54(1): 331-343.

Colon-Gaud, J.C., S.D. Peterson, M.R. Whiles, S.S. Kilham, K.R. Lips, and C.M. Pringle.  2008. Allochthonous litter inputs, organic matter standing stocks, and organic seston dynamics in upland Panamanian streams: potential effects of larval amphibians on organic matter dynamics.  Hydrobiologia 603: 301-312.

Whiles, M.R., K.R. Lips, C.M. Pringle, S.S. Kilham, R.J. Bixby, R. Brenes, S. Connelly, J.C. Colon-Gaud, M. Hunte-Brown, A.D. Huryn, C. Montgomery, and S.D. Peterson.  2006.  The effects of amphibian population declines on the structure and function of neotropical stream ecosystems.  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 4: 27-34.

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