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Wiesbrook, Scott M

Associate Research Scientist, Wetland Soils
Assistant Project Leader for Soils

Address and Contact Information

2036 Forbes Natural History Building
1816 S. Oak St.
M/C 652
Champaign, IL  61820

Research Interests

I perform wetland delineations, mitigation site assessments, and monitoring of constructed wetlands for the wetland science program. I concentrate on soil mapping.

My emphasis is on soil pedology; the genesis, classification, and morphology of soils. I am especially interested in the development of hydric soil characteristics.
I have a special interest in promoting interest and improving ability in soil science through soil judging contests at the high school, community college, and university levels.

Research Biography

Courses Taught

Current course:

NRES 285 SJF - Soil Judging Field Experience


Past courses:

NRES 276 - Introduction to Field Pedology - asisted with instruction for many years

AG 282 (Black Hawk College - East Campus) - Introduction to Soil Science - co-instructor


Professional Affiliations

Member, current secretary, and past vice president of the Illinois Soil Classifiers Asssociation

Selected Publications

Franzmeier, D., G. Steinhardt, C. Egler, D. Bowman, and S. Wiesbrook. 2021. Illinois Soil Evaluation Field Book. 50 p. Available online at:


BS, Agricultural Science, University of Illinois, 1996


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