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Zhao, Linduo

Assistant Research Scientist, Biogeochemist

Address and Contact Information

1 E Hazelwood Dr
M/C 676
Champaign, IL  61820


  • Identifying Microplastics in St Louis City and County Drinking Water. 2021-2024. Funding agency: Missouri Confluence Waterkeeper.
  • Surface Modified Fly Ash for Value Added Products SuMo Fly Ash. 2021-2023. Co-PI. Funding agency: US DOE.
  • Improving the Productivity and Performance of Large Scale Integrated Algal Systems for Wastewater Treatment and Biofuel Production. 2019-2024. Co-PI. Funding agency: US DOE.


Dr. Linduo Zhao joined the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) in 2018 as a biogeochemist. Her previous research includes iron redox process in clay minerals, biogeochemical transformation of mercury in environmental media, and bioremediation/biodegradation of heavy metal/organic contaminants. Her current research focused on recovery of rare earth elements, and biogeochemical transformations and microbial community functions at critical interface.


  • Ph.D. in Geomicrobiology (2015), Miami University (U.S.)

Academic Positions

  • Post-doctoral Research Associated at Oak Ridge National Lab

Research Interests

  • Natural Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Micro/nanoplastic Pollution
  • Coal ash pollution prevention

Selected Publications

  • Zhao L., Shao H., Panno V. S., Kelly R. W., & et al. (2022) The microbial community in saline and mineral springs within the Illinois Basin. Environmental Microbiology.
  • Dong H., Huang L., Zhao L., Zeng Q., & et al. (2022) A critical review of mineral–microbe interaction and co-evolution: mechanisms and applications. National science review. 9 (10), nwac128
  • Scott W. J., Turner A, Prada F. A., Zhao, L.. (2021) Heterogeneous weathering of polypropylene in the marine environment. . Science of the Total Environment. 812, 15, 152308
  • Johnson N., Gedalanga P., Zhao, L., & et al. (2020) Cometabolic biotransformation of 1, 4-dioxane in mixtures with hexavalent chromium using attached and planktonic bacteria. Science of the Total Environment. 706 (1).
  • Zhao, L., Li, Y., & et al. (2019) Mercury adsorption on minerals and its effect on microbial methylation. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry. 3, 7, 1338-1345.
  • Zhang, L., Wu, S., Zhao, L., & et al. (2019) Mercury Sorption and Desorption on Organo-Mineral Particulates as a Source for Microbial Methylation. Environmental Science & Technology. 53, 5, 2426-2433.
  • Zhao, L., Chen, H., Lu X., & et al. (2017) Contrasting Effects of Dissolved Organic Matter on Mercury Methylation by G. sulfurreducens PCA and D. desulfuricans ND132. Environmental Science & Technology. 51 (18), 10468-10475.
  • Lu, X, Gu, W., Zhao, L., & et al. (2017) Methylmercury uptake and degradation by methanotrophs. Science Advances. 3 (5), e1700041.
  • Zhao, L., Dong, H., & et al. (2017) Coupling of Fe(II) oxidation in illite with nitrate reduction and its role in clay mineral transformation. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta. 200, 353-366.
  • Liu, Y., Lu, X., Zhao, L.; & et al. (2016) Effects of Cellular Sorption on Mercury Bioavailability and Methylmercury Production by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132. Environmental Science & Technology. 50 (24), 13335-13341.
  • Lu, X.; Liu, Y.; Josh, A.; Zhao, L.; & et al. (2016) Anaerobic Mercury Methylation and Demethylation by Geobacter bemidjensis Bem. Environmental Science & Technology. 50, 4366–4373.
  • Zhao, L., Dong, H., & et al. (2015) Biological redox cycling of iron in nontronite and its potential application in nitrate removal. Environmental Science & Technology. 49 (9), 5493–5501


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