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Scott, John W

Associate Research Scientist, Senior Analytical Chemist

Address and Contact Information

1 E Hazelwood Dr
M/C 676
Champaign, IL  61820


John Scott has been at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) since 2001 and is a senior analytical chemist in the Applied Research on Industrial and Environmental Systems (ARIES) group at ISTC. His current research interests include emerging contaminants in environmental media, production of bio-fuels and bio-products from non-edible sources, and utilization of waste biomass. John has ten years of experience preparing and analyzing samples for inorganic and organic analysis.

Research Biography


  • B.S. Chemistry / B.S. Environmental Health, Illinois State University, Normal, IL, 2000
  • A.S. (Pre-Pharmacy), College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL, 1998

Industry Positions

  • Quality Control Technician, Abbott Laboratories, North Chicago

Research Interests

  • Emerging Contaminants
  • Water Quality
  • Bio-Fuels
  • Bio-Products
  • Natural Products

Current Projects

  • Fluorescence spectroscopy as complementary technique for characterization of organic matter associated with hydraulic fracturing fluids
  • A Nanotechnology Approach for Efficient Crude Oil Pollution Treatment via Entrapment, Dispersal and Removal using CarboScavenger
  • Fate and transport of pharmaceuticals and hormones during thermochemical conversion of swine manure for USDA project
  • Characterization of thermochemical conversion aqueous phases
  • Characterization and toxicity testing of fracking waters
  • Development of test methods to support hazardous algae bloom programs

Analytical Skills

  • Sample processing and preparations in a diverse range of matrices
  • Sample clean-up and isolation/purification of target compounds
  • Instruments:
    • Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS)
    • Atomic Emission/Adsorption (AA-AE)
    • Atomic Fluorescence (AF)
    • Gas Chromatography (GC)
    • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (GCMS)
    • Liquid Chromatography (LC)
    • Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (LCMS)
    • Ion Chromatography (IC)
    • Optical Spectroscopy (UV-Vis, NIR, IR)
    • X-ray Diffraction (XRD)
  • Wet chemical techniques
  • Ability to troubleshoot/repair complex instrumentation and procedures

Selected Publications

  • Levengood, Jeffrey M., Edward J. Heske, Patrick M. Wilkins, and John W. Scott. “Polyaromatic hydrocarbons and elements in sediments associated with a suburban railway.” Environmental monitoring and assessment 187, no. 8 (2015): 1-12.
  • Mukherjee, Prabuddha, Santosh K. Misra, Mark C. Gryka, Huei-Huei Chang, Saumya Tiwari, William L. Wilson, John W. Scott, Rohit Bhargava, and Dipanjan Pan. “Tunable Luminescent Carbon Nanospheres with Well-Defined Nanoscale Chemistry for Synchronized Imaging and Therapy.” Small (2015).
  • Allender, Matthew C., Michael J. Dreslik, Bishap Patel, Elizabeth L. Luber, John Byrd, Christopher A. Phillips, and John W. Scott. “Select metal and metalloid surveillance of free-ranging Eastern box turtles from Illinois and Tennessee (Terrapene carolina carolina).” Ecotoxicology: 1-10.
  • Biresaw, Girma, Brajendra K. Sharma, Grigor B. Bantchev, Todd L. Kurth, Kenneth M. Doll, Sevim Z. Erhan, Bidhya Kunwar, and John W. Scott. “Elastohydrodynamic properties of biobased heat-bodied oils.” Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53, no. 42 (2014): 16183-16195.
  • Drury, Bradley, John Scott, Emma J. Rosi-Marshall, and John J. Kelly. “Triclosan Exposure Increases Triclosan Resistance and Influences Taxonomic Composition of Benthic Bacterial Communities.” Environmental science & technology 47, no. 15 (2013): 8923-8930.
  • Jiang, Junhua, John Scott, and Andrzej Wieckowski. “Direct Evidence of a Triple-path Mechanism of Formate Electrooxidation on Pt Black in Alkaline Media at Varying Temperature (part I, the Electrochemical Studies).” Electrochimica Acta (2013).
  • Jiang, Junhua, John Scott, and Xinhuai Ye. “Enhancing CO Tolerance of Platinum-Ruthenium with Polyoxometalate Based on a Triple-Functional Mechanism.” ECS Electrochemistry Letters 2, no. 7 (2013): F51-F53.
  • Allender, Matthew C., Michael J. Dreslik, Daniel B. Wylie, Sarah J. Wylie, John W. Scott, and Christopher A. Phillips. “Ongoing Health Assessment and Prevalence of Chrysosporium in the Eastern Massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus catenatus).” Copeia 2013, no. 1 (2013): 97-102.
  • Pham, Mai, Lance Schideman, John Scott, Nandakishore Rajagopalan, and Michael J. Plewa. “Chemical and biological characterization of wastewater generated from hydrothermal liquefaction of Spirulina.” Environmental science & technology 47, no. 4 (2013): 2131-2138.
  • Donna A Mensching, Margaret Slater, John W Scott, Duncan C Ferguson, Val R Beasley. (2012). “The Feline Thyroid Gland: A Model for Endocrine Disruption by Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs)?” Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, 75:201-212
  • Derek R Vardon, BK Sharma, John Scott, Guo Yu, Zhuchao Wang, Lance Schiderman, Yuanhui Zhange, Timothy Strathmann. (2011) “Chemical properties of biocrude oil from the hydrothermal liquefaction of Spirulina algae, swine manure, and digested anaerobic sludge.” Bioresource Technology 102:8295-8303
  • Stone ME, Scott JW, Schultz ST, Berry DL, Wilcoxon M, Piwoni M, Panno B, Bordson G (2009). “Comparison of chlorine and chloramine in the release of mercury from dental amalgam.” Science of the Total Environment 407: 770-775
  • Jeffrey M. Levengood, Luann Wiedenmann, Thomas W. Custer, David J. Schaeffer, Cole W. Matson, Mark J. Melancon, David J. Hoffman, John W. Scott, Jonathan L. Talbott, Gary O. Bordson, John W. Bickham, Barnett A. Rattner, and Nancy H. Golden (2007) “Contaminant Exposure and Biomarker Response in Embryos of Black-crowned Night-herons (Nycticorax nycticorax) Nesting near Lake Calumet, Illinois”. Journal Great Lakes Research 33: 791-805
  • Jaime W.V. de Mello, Jonathan L. Talbott, John Scott, William R. Roy and Joseph W. Stucki.(2006). “Arsenic Speciation in Arsenic-Rich Brazilian Soils from Gold Mining Sites under Anaerobic Incubation”. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2006 14 (6), 388-396
  • Mark E. Stone, John C Kuehne, Mark E Cohen, Jonathan L Talbott, John W Scott (2006). “Effect of Iodine on Mercury Concentrations in Dental-unit Wastewater” Dental Materials 22(2), 119-124
  • Holm, Thomas; Kelly, Walton; Wilson, Steve; Roadcap, George; Talbott, Jonathan; Scott, John (2004). “Arsenic Geochemistry and Distribution in the Mahomet Aquifer, Illinois”. WMRC Report RR-107


  • John W Scott (2013) “Fractionation, Characterization, and Toxicity of a Spirulina Hydrothermal Liquefaction Wastewater.” Youngstown State Hydraulic Fracking Symposium. August 14, 2013
  • John W Scott (2013) “Fractionation, Characterization, and Toxicity of a Spirulina Hydrothermal Liquefaction Wastewater.” ISTC Brown Bag Seminar. August 9, 2013
  • John W Scott (2013). “PAH Content of Corn Stover Biochar Produced by Slow Pyrolysis at Three Different Temperatures.” Midwest Biochar Conference. June 14, 2013
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  • John W. Scott, Jonathan Talbott, Marvin Piwoni, and BuuLinh Quach. (2004). “Robust and Reliable Arsenic Speciation Methods by Liquid Chromatography Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LC-ICP-MS) for a Variety of Sample Matrices.” Pittcon, March 7-12, 2004

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