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Stumpf, Andrew J

Principal Research Scientist, Geologist

Address and Contact Information

Prairie Research Institute
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
615 E Peabody Drive
Champaign, IL 61820,  

Research Biography

Other campus affiliations

  1. Co-Founder, Illinois Geothermal Coalition
  2. Faculty Affiliate, Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment

Academic Positions

  • Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Geography, Geology, & Environment, 2015, Illinois State University
  • Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Earth & Environmental Science, 2009, University of Waterloo

Academic Interests

Geological characterization, thermogeology, Quaternary geology, geothermal energy, modeling of geological systems


  • Ph.D, Geology, 2001, University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • M.Sc, Geology, 1995, University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • H.BSc, Geography & Geology, 1992, University of Western Ontario, Canada


  1. FY 2022 Technical Assistance Lab Call; DOE-ORNL; $3,000,000 ($295,005 for PRI portion). (2023-2024). PI
  2. Sustainable Chicago Geothermal; DOE; $746,000 ($172.658 for PRI portion). (2023-2024). PI
  3. National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program, Illinois: FY23; USGS; $692.843. (2023-2024). Co-PI
  4. Renewable Resilience: City-scale Geothermal Energy Everywhere; USGS; $168,688. (2023-2024). Co-PI
  5. Geothermal exchange for greenhouses at UIUC Energy Farm; SSC; $132,550. (2018-2024). PI
  6. U of I Soil Boring Database; SSC; $7,500. (2022-2025). PI
  7. Enderdrape - Geothermal heat exchange technology; SSC; $10,000. (2023-2024). Co-PI
  8. Preservation of Geologic Data and Collections in Illinois: FY22; USGS; $518,521. (2022-2024). Co-PI
  9. National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program, Illinois: FY22; USGS; $546,080. (2022-2023). Co-PI

Professional Certifications

  • Washington State Licensed Geologist: License# 299400002409
  • New Brunswick Canada Professional Geoscientist: License# M7009

Professional Affiliations

  1. Member, Administrative Council, North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program (2023–2026).
  2. Editorial Board, Geoenergy Journal.
  3. Review Editor, Frontiers in Water (Water and Critical Zone section).
  4. Member of Research Committee, International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA).


For the past 25 years, Andrew Stumpf has been studying the landforms and processes of glaciated terrains throughout North America that have critical societal impacts. Andrew is a Principal Research Scientist at the Prairie Research Institute at UIUC. Andrew is passionate about multidisciplinary applied research that has fostered key collaborations across several scientific disciplines and professional organizations. He currently acts as the Project Manager for the NSF Critical Interface Network in Intensively Managed Landscapes (CINet) project which seeks to advance our understanding of important landscape elements that regulate hydrological, biological, ecological, geological, and chemical processes on which agricultural production and environmental quality depend. In 2019, Andrew co-founded the Illinois Geothermal Coalition at UIUC and applies his geological expertise to support the expansion of geothermal energy in Illinois and the U.S. Midwest region. He uses the UIUC campus as a "living laboratory" to involve students and faculty in the research. Andrew earned Ph.D and M.Sc degrees in Geology from the University of New Brunswick and honours B.Sc from the University of Western Ontario.

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